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Chapter 2147

The huge movement caused the entire cruise ship to shake.

Almost overturned!

The tourists on the cruise ship screamed.

“what’s the situation?”

The captain and crew panicked.

Although sailing on the sea, the sea is calm and there are no small waves.

How could there be such a big shaking?

“It seems that there is a problem with the cargo hold, and several colleagues have lost contact…”

“Go and see what’s going on?”

But dozens of people who went to inquire about the situation never came back, and there was no feedback.

The captain and others panicked.

“Quick! Seal the cargo compartment!!!”

The captain was experienced and knew that something was wrong with the cargo hold and wanted to seal the cargo hold immediately.

He led everyone to the cargo hold entrance.

At this time, a big smell of blood came.

It made everyone almost vomiting.

Just when the cabin was about to be sealed, something suddenly came out…


The captain and the others screamed hysterically with fright.

They seemed to see something terrifying.


Then they screamed constantly.

But this time the scream was not because of shock, but because of death…

Anyone who saw the contents of the coffin soon died.

The tourists are still trembling, they are waiting for the explanation given by the cruise ship.

What the hell was the shaking just now.

But in the end, he didn’t wait for an explanation, and waited for his death.

Something terrifying appeared in front of them, and a cruise ship tourist was frightened and fleeing everywhere.

But the last one is not left.

All turned into corpses…

In the end, the cruise ship carried the corpse to the next location on a small island in Southern Continent…

The sun never sets, an international airport in the Empire.

In the aisles where baggage is checked.

A coffin appeared.

Everyone was surprised to find that they couldn’t lift it at all, as if there were hundreds of tons.

I want to throw the coffin away, but I can’t lift it.

But soon these staff members fell to the ground one by one, becoming mummified corpses.

No one knows what’s going on…

The people who came to inquire about the situation soon died one after another.

It was a small piece at first, and then spread rapidly.

The more deaths, the more.

Finally, the metal coffin burst.

The scary creature inside came out…

He rushed into the airport, and countless people fell.

More deaths are spreading.

This place has become a purgatory on earth…

There was also a coffin placed in the center of the sun never set empire, which also burst open after a while.

The contents also ran out.

Just right in the center, there are many people.

Massacres continue…


Death is everywhere.

The sun never sets the empire has no idea what happened.

Still checking what is going on…

I don’t know what the Great Clown brought out.

It’s horrible.

When the cruise ship docked at the port of the small island according to the pre-set route, someone was still greeted in advance.

They couldn’t contact the cruise ship in the first place.

As soon as the cruise ship docked, they immediately checked the cruise ship.

But this check was shocked.

The full cruise ship is all corpses…

The corpse whose blood has been sucked dry.

too frightening!

But what they didn’t know was that the nightmare had just come!

“Run! Run quickly!”

Someone is alert and wants to run one step earlier.

But in the next second, a terrifying breath came to his face.


Then there was a sad scream.

Finally, the creatures in the coffin disembarked and landed on the island.

The result can be imagined.

There is no living mouth.

The whole island is reduced to hell.

Numerous casualties…

The method of death is tragic, and they are all the same.

All turned into corpses…

However, some survivors fled the cruise ship immediately.

What I don’t know is that the horrible creatures have also followed…

On the other side, Morendam Golden Harbor Island.

The sky is gray.

This is dawn.

The goods sent by the empire that the sun never sets have arrived…

Chapter 2148

This shipment belongs to the gambling king’s clan.

People from the family of gambling kings now receive goods at the port.

The cargo ships are all sealed, so there is no abnormality on the ships.

And because the goods are all ore and the like, the weight is very heavy.

So there is no doubt.

It’s just heavier than the conventional one.

“Send it back!!!”

Under the command, the goods were transported back one by one.

For the time being, no clues were revealed.

Everything seems normal.

However, although the news of the disasters that happened in the empire of the sun never set, even though the news was blocked again and again, they gradually spread.

After Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu left Tiance Mansion, they wanted to go to the Bible organization to find Sarah.

This time even Huoyun Cthulhu shook his head.

Because I don’t know where the Bible organization is.

“How can this be good?”

Huoyun Cthulhu bluntly said that the degree of mystery of the biblical organization may be no less than that of the Gods Lab.

“I have a way!”

Levi smiled.

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu immediately looked over.

“The Bible Organization has always wanted me to join them. If they release the news that I’m alive, they will definitely come here!”

Levi approached.

“Yes, we don’t have to look for it ourselves, they will deliver it personally!”

Huoyun Cthulhu nodded.

What we need to do now is to let the Bible Organization know that Levi is still alive!

This matter was done by the Huoyun Cthulhu.

He wants to release news to the Bible organization through the dark web to let them know that Levi is still alive.

I have to say that the dark web is a magical existence.

So far, no one knows who is behind the dark web?

And the dark web knows everything…

Therefore, the evil god Huoyun can directly send news to the Bible organization, and no one else knows.

“Mr. done!”

“But I just got the news that an unknown creature has attacked the Empire in the sun never set, causing disaster! There are countless casualties! I don’t know what it is now…”

“It seems that there is news that something contained in an ancient coffin has appeared…”

If it was before, Levi might be curious about it.

But nothing is strange in the current era.

Especially the emergence of a group of ancient racial forces, there is no secret at all.

Levi didn’t care much either, and sighed: “I just hope it’s not because of the problems caused by the use of Taboo Art…”

However, he understands that it will be difficult and difficult to follow after using the contraindications.

This is why he hurried to find Sarah.

It’s best to send everyone related to him to Tiance Mansion.

This way he will have no worries.

“The ancient races know more about him! After all, I and them are not of the same age! I don’t know what will happen… But as long as the husband gives an order, I am willing to go through fire and water!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu expressed his attitude to Levi.

“it is good!”

“Now I’m waiting for the Bible Organization to come and find me! Where would it be better to go? How about Golden Harbor Island!”

Levi decided to wait for the Bible organization to come on Golden Harbor Island.

After all, Golden Harbor Island is a bit cleaner.

Inside Morendam, it may cause unnecessary trouble.


Located in a processing factory of the King of Gambling Family.

This ore material was shipped.

Soon the workers opened the sealed package, revealing large wooden boxes.


A horrible and cold breath came to his face.

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

But everyone didn’t care.

Remove all the outer wooden boxes.

The other boxes are normal.

Suddenly someone shouted: “Quick! Look here!”

Because the wooden box fell off, the metal coffin was exposed.

Everyone was shocked to see the metal coffin.

The processing plant immediately notified the principal of the gambling king family…

After the metal coffin was exposed, it began to change…

Everyone still doesn’t know what’s going on, some people want to take it away…

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