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Chapter 1213

the other side.

Levi and his group are speeding on the endless desert.

They want to reach a small town designated by Levi as quickly as possible.

Once there, he is safe.

No one was disturbed at all along the way.

This made Marshall and the others feel that no one was coming.

Think about it, Levi has now become a complete waste, and has also been expelled from Velador.

What threat can there be?

It is no exaggeration to say that a five-year-old kid can k!ll him.

Does it take several countries to deal with it?

Thinking of this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

This is good, at least everyone’s goal has been achieved.

Levi is safe.

“God of War, we are about to enter a small town, less than 30 kilometers away from your designated location!”

“We are basically safe through this town!”

Rodner= said.

“Okay, tell everyone to be careful. I feel something is wrong!”

Levi reminded.

His right eyelid kept twitching.

And looking at this town, the atmosphere is gloomy, there is no anger, and there is no one outside the town.

Levi still couldn’t move at this moment.

It’s not that he has any tactics or pretends.

He really can’t move for the time being.

He was really worried about something.

He didn’t want any accident in the escort crowd.

Soon, the convoy entered this small town.

The town is not big, only a three-kilometer main street.


Suddenly Rodner, God of War braked.

Because he saw a terrible scene-the main street was full of c0rpses, blood was flowing everywhere, the pungent bloody smell was nauseating…

These lying c0rpses, old women, and children.

It seems that a town is not alive.

“God of War, this town should have been slaughtered just now!”

Rodner took a deep breath.


Levi scolded.

Although these people are not from Velador.

But Levi didn’t want to see innocent people die…

“Be careful, let’s move these c0rpses quickly and quickly pass through this town!”

Marshall said.

The c0rpses were piled up like a mountain, blocking the way, and they had to be moved.


At this moment, a wild roar and laughter came out.

Silhouettes appeared around.

They are ragged, their hair is messy, and they all look like primitive people.

The most terrifying thing is that they exude a breath of terror.

There are many god-level Lords among them.

One by one, with red eyes, staring at Levi’s motorcade.

“Big trouble!”

Everyone took a breath.

As soon as they came into contact, everyone understood how terrifying these lunatics were.

“Take the head of the God of War!!!”

This group of murderous madmen who came out of Beimo Prison rushed to Levi like a madman.

“Brothers listen to me, and protect the God of War to the death!”

“My Velador Country God of War must not fall here!”



Both sides were crazy and soon fought together.

“Beat them!”

Levi roared.

Everyone is fighting desperately for him.

He can’t even move!

Hate it!!!

Levi was so anxious to die!

He doesn’t want anyone to fall down!

But he can’t move.

Levi remembered and wanted to k!ll the enemy.

Want to be with everyone…

But he can’t move!

The most anxious thing in this life is this moment.

In a building not far away.

Reaper’s eyes were staring at the battlefield.

The corners of his mouth were full of blood, and he carried a bloody piece of meat in his hand. He didn’t know what animal it was.

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