The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2153

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Chapter 2153

Everyone knows what it means once it reaches a crowded place.

That is fall.

Become h3ll.

Isn’t that the way it happened in the Empire where Sun never sets?

This thing appeared in the center and the airport.

It became a disaster.

That’s right.

The Empire where sun never sets is now reduced to h3ll.

When the coffin was opened, the contents ran out.

Countless people were k!lled and injured.

Become a disaster.

One is already a headache.

It is in two places.

It is simply a disaster after a disaster.

The sun never sets, the empire immediately dispatched countless warriors, super-powers, wizards, and other powerhouses.

Even the Unsettling Excalibur Bureau, which is comparable to the Sky Shield Bureau of the Kingdom of Warhawks, sent the strong to encircle and suppress.

But go to one to die, go to a pair of deaths.

Can’t stop it at all!

All tactics are exhausted.

It is impossible to hold these two outliers at all.

Now the city has completely fallen.

In order to prevent the situation from expanding, the empire immediately blocked the news.

They are still investigating what this is?

Where did it come from?


There is also a cruise ship in the sea at the moment.

When there were survivors on the island fled to the cruise ship, they didn’t expect that thing followed.

Now the cruise ship is floating on the sea, don’t know where the destination is…

Once docked, it must be a disaster.

Especially relying on places with a lot of people, it is a terrible disaster.


Here is the laboratory of the gods.

Basically receive messages in real time.

Even if the sun does not set, the empire is blocked.

They also know.

“Now the Excalibur Bureau already knows what this is!”

“It is estimated that they will go and negotiate with them! The crisis of the sun will be resolved soon!”

The man in a suit smiled.

Immediately, he changed his words: “As for Velador, they probably still have a while!”

The clown emperor hesitated for a long time and asked a question: “Does this thing end like this?”

The man in a suit shook his head: “No, no, it’s not that simple! Wait and see!”

“By the way, look, where is the other one?”

“The direction is right again, heading to the Kangaroo Country in Southern Continent!”


The man in a suit smiled.

The clown emperor asked: “You said that the imperial organization will not take revenge? After all, I snatched one from them!”

It turned out that the Great Clown slaughtered clean at that secret base, and the coffin he brought out was organized by Emperor.

For a long time, the imperial organization has been experimenting with the sleeping blood in the coffin.

This is one of their secrets.

Unexpectedly, he was familiar with the laboratory of the gods.

They also sent someone to snatch the coffin directly.

“It is possible! They will soon suspect us! But I have a way! Don’t worry!”

The man in the suit looked like he was holding the winning ticket.


The sun never sets, the Excalibur Game is indeed as the man in the suit said.

They are looking for the same kind of blood to negotiate with these two aliens.

As the most powerful organization that never sets.

The Excalibur Bureau is the same as Velador’s Tiance Mansion.

They also have many secrets.

Such as the legendary blood family.

As well as other ancient races and aliens, they are all related.

Experiments are of course indispensable.

What they are doing now is to take the imprisoned kinsmen over, negotiate with the two, and make them stop…

The Excalibur Bureau can find it quickly.

It is because this thing was active in areas where it belonged to the empire.

Not only did they keep records, they also arrested their kind.

But Velador is different.

This thing came out in a daze.

No one knows what’s going on on Golden Harbor Island.

Only after seeing it with my own eyes can I have some clues.


Gamblers, they are facing the biggest crisis in history.

too strong!

The guy in front of him couldn’t move at all.

He violently tore one person after another.

Hundreds of people are gone again…

The rest is almost desperate.

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