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Chapter 2154

Everyone knows that the army will soon be wiped out.

No one will be left.

This feeling of waiting for death is really uncomfortable.

The reinforcements are clearly here.

But time is not enough!

During the battle, everyone discovered that this terrifying alien was getting stronger and stronger.

After he sucked enough blood, his blood became stronger and his k!lling intent became stronger.

It felt like he hadn’t fully awakened at first.

It takes enough blood to fully awaken.

Now everyone feels that he is a little awakened.

However, not awakening is so terrible.

If it is fully awakened, it will be unimaginable.


Levi and Cthulrun arrived at Golden Harbor Island.

But because the two were on their way.

Coupled with Velador’s blockade of news, don’t know what happened on Golden Harbor Island.

But as soon as they got on the island, the two noticed something unusual.

“Something’s wrong! Something seems to have happened!”

Cthulrun evil divine way.

Levi frowned even more: “It seems that I feel an extremely terrifying existence… It’s a bit like me who activated the forbidden k!lling technique…”

Levi sensed an extremely murderous existence.

He is very similar to the forbidden k!lling technique.

So his feeling is more obvious.

“Maybe something has happened! Come, let’s look for it!”

Levi and Cthulrun immediately rushed.


The other side of Golden Harbor Island.

The eighteen dark angels of the Holy Tribe organization came together.

“Sure Levi is on Golden Harbor Island, right?”

Underworld god asked.

“Yes! Yes! The exact news I just got, Levi is indeed on Golden Harbor Island!”

“Okay, let’s go!”


Soon the Eighteen Dark Angels also noticed the unusualness of Golden Harbor Island.

What a strong breath.

“Go, go and see! It should have something to do with Levi!”


Near the processing plant.

The blood race is becoming more and more fierce.

While organizing a resistance, the gambling king gathered more people to come to support.

But the Lords that can be summoned are actually cannon fodder.

There is no power to fight at all.

The purpose of coming is also very simple.

Just to delay time.

“latest news!!!”

“The direct disciples of the four great generals of Tiance Mansion will arrive by flying vehicles, and they will be there in an hour! We only need to last for this hour!”

The guardians got the news and said excitedly.

But after hearing it for an hour, everyone looked desperate.

One hour!!!

Just now so many strong people, including McHale Kysh, didn’t even hold on for ten minutes.

How can it be possible with people like them?

One hour is the same as death.

“Hold it up! You have to hold it up! If you don’t hold it up, ordinary people will die, and the entire Golden Harbor Island will become a h3ll!”

The gambling kings are indeed fighting.

They tried every means to hold the monster.

This is a fierce battle.

Basically, everyone knows that he will die and he is cannon fodder.

But most of them are reluctant to turn back.

Because they know they are doing one thing-to protect the people who want to protect!

Worth it if you die!

The c0rpses are everywhere…

Piled into hills.

Stumps and broken arms can be seen everywhere.

The blood drenched the earth.

But everyone just doesn’t flinch.

“No! The gambler thinks of a way! If this goes on, we will all be finished!”

“Yeah! We have less than a hundred people left! Sooner or later it will be finished!”


The rest will cry.

The gamblers are also anxious to die.

But now, there is really no way.

“Grandpa, I only hate that I am not strong enough…”

Even Nichole is participating in the war.


Sighs came out one after another.


People are getting fewer and fewer.





In the end, only Nichole, a team of less than ten gambling kings.

They all fell to the ground.

Waiting for the slaughter of the blood race to come.

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