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Chapter 2157

The blood ancestor is really terrifying!

In the battle against the eighteenth dark angels, they did not lose sight of the wind.

But these eighteen people are also strong!

Can deal with blood ancestors without losing the wind!

After Levi and Cthulrun came back, they watched the battle from the side.

The eighteen dark angels tickled with anger.

This ba5tard!

He was actually watching the battle!

“You are not here to help? Now, this is our common enemy!”

Underworld gods shouted angrily.

Levi and Cthulrun looked at ease: “You guys fight first! I’ll take a look!”

Levi was watching the show next to him, and he didn’t even want to help.

Eighteen dark angels jumped with anger, but they couldn’t help it.

There are too many of them to break away from the blood ancestors.

There must be a concerted effort!

As for Levi, they were certainly not watching the show, they were looking for the weakness of their blood ancestors.

After looking around, it was concluded that there is no weakness.

There is no weakness at all.

The physique of the blood ancestor can be said to be immortal.

Similar to the pure energy body some time ago.

It’s harder to deal with.

Pure energy bodies just disperse their energy directly.

But the blood ancestor in front of him was so hard that all the power tricks could not penetrate his body.

So it won’t cause any harm to him!

The only weakness that can be called the blood ancestor’s offense is slightly insufficient.

Maybe it is the reason why he has not fully awakened his strength.

He is not rich in offensive methods.

For their own terrorism ability is still not in place.

The eighteen dark angels were helpless to him, but he couldn’t hurt the eighteen dark angels.

But just like this, it also gave the eighteen dark angels enough coercion.

Once he was completely awakened.

Will not be able to imagine how terrifying!

The blood ancestor is now getting stronger and stronger, that is, getting stronger and stronger.

The eighteenth dark angels are already a little struggling.

“Don’t come and help!!”

The crowd roared.

“Go ahead!”

Levi and Cthulrun chose to take action.

Twenty top powerhouses deal with blood ancestors together.

It is also unprecedented!

It is even more unexpected!

The eighteenth dark angels are the most bitter!

They just came to take Levi back.

Why did they become coolies when got here?

But when this happened, everything was a coincidence.

Twenty top powerhouses have all come up with housekeeping skills, and the blood ancestors will not be so comfortable.

He will be screaming all the time.

I can’t wait to suck all the blood of these people in front of me.

There is no way.

None of these people in front of you are easy to provoke!

Shot one by one is like a lunatic.

Although the blood ancestor’s defense was at its extreme, his body was too strong to be injured.

But his offense is limited.

Get into trouble soon.

He wanted to continue to grow stronger, but he was firmly suppressed.

“Boom boom boom…”

He even flew out one after another.

But every time he flew out, he stood up quickly.

It can’t cause any substantial harm at all.

“It’s not a way to fight like this! We have to find a way to catch him! Otherwise, we have to be consumed to death by him!”

The Underworld god shouted.

“Yes, don’t hide and tuck everyone’s hole cards, who doesn’t know who is who!”

Someone shouted.

Before, almost everyone was hiding their hole cards, and none of them showed their true strength.

In this situation, everyone must work hard.

Levi directly uses the k!lling forbidden technique!

The blood burst out of his body, comparable to the blood ancestor!

When came out, even the blood ancestor was stunned, looking at Levi incredulously.

There seemed to be a strange color flashing in his dull eyes at this moment.

Seems familiar? ? ?

He was shocked by the murderous aura on Levi’s body.


Others were even more shocked.

Levi is too strong!

As soon as his taboo technique is used, it is the rhythm of fighting against the blood ancestors alone!

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