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Chapter 2158

Twenty strong players shocked and shot together.

The blood ancestor was stretched out soon, showing a trend of decadence.

“Everyone, come on, he must be taken down!”

The more aggressive the crowd.


Soon the blood ancestor was pressed into a hurry.


He let out a roar into the sky, and a terrifying power erupted from his body, abruptly shaking the six dark angels away.

After opening a gap, he didn’t continue to attack, but ran away.

Finally plunged into the sea.

But before that, he turned and glanced at Levi.

The eyes are very complicated, doubtful, curious…


After everyone chased for a circle, there was no trace of the blood ancestor.

He did not hide on Golden Harbor Island.

Instead, he went to the depths of the western sea.

“It seems that this blood ancestor has awakened a little bit. It is not a complete beast, but he knows how to escape!”

Levi was surprised.

In fact, he was even more confused about the blood ancestor’s abnormal reaction to him.

It’s a bit abnormal.

“Let’s check all aspects of the loss first…”

Levi and the others approached Nichole and others to tell all the news here.

The audience cheered.

Nichole and the others also knew the true identity of Levi.

He is still alive!

This is the most exciting thing for them!

Later, after Levi counted the casualties and losses, he let the gambling king family take care of the funeral.

He is about to discuss with the Eighteen Dark Angels.

“No, they are here!”

At this time, Levi noticed that someone was coming.

“Hide yourself first, and I will look for you later!”

Levi said to the Eighteen Dark Angels.

Eighteen people quickly took shelter.

One hour.

Eleven direct disciples of the four great generals of Tiance Mansion arrived.

As soon as they arrived, they came straight to the scene.

But after arriving.


Only the terrible ruins of the processing plant are left.

“Is it??”

The first thing they thought of was that they didn’t block it and fell.

Terrorist aliens have entered the center of Golden Harbor Island.

But soon they saw Levi and his party.

“Huh? It’s you? Why are you here?”

These direct disciples of the Four Great Generals had long been upset with Levi.

Even said that he always wanted to beat him up.

Especially Levi was arrogant and domineering in Tiance Mansion.

In the end, he even retreated.

This made everyone more angry.

I’ve been holding a breath.

Seeing Levi here now, everyone was angry.

“This is the speed of your Tiance Mansion? It’s too slow! A little bit slower, just come and clean up!”

Cthulrun sneered.

“you wanna die!!!”

One sentence angered several people.

They will start to k!ll Cthulrun and Levi.

There are female ancestors in Tiance Mansion.

Not here.

Don’t you let them come?


One of them immediately stopped.

“Everyone, stop first!”

“Then you mean that you solved the horrible thing?”

He understood what Cthulrun evil god meant.

The evil god Cthulrun looked at them disdainfully: “Is it still waiting for you to come?”

Several people in Tiance Mansion will be angry.

But it was forcibly held down.

He was holding a grudge, but now being provoked again and again, and no one can bear it.

“What the h3ll is that?”

The leader asked.

“The blood ancestor in the blood clan of the ancient race! It should be the blood ancestor of the first few generations! It is estimated that an ancestor within the five generations!”

Cthulrun explained.

“What? Blood ancestors???? Still within five generations! Hiss!”

The head of the person’s complexion changed drastically, and he took a sigh of relief.

Obviously, he knew what blood ancestors meant.

Something happened!

“Doesn’t that mean that this is also what appeared in the Empire where Sun never sets?”

He asked curiously.

“Basically it is! And there should be two empires when the sun never sets!”

Cthulrun answered.

The man took another breath.

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