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Chapter 221

Sarah and Natalie’s eyes widened, as if frozen.

At this moment, they really believed it a little!

Because if Levi were not the owner of this store, he couldn’t explain it clearly.

First, Levi cleared the field as soon as he arrived.

Second, enjoy the best location and the best dishes, all for free.

Third, the hotel manager personally polished Levi’s shoes.

At this time Natalie’s mobile phone message rang.

Natalie took a look and smiled.

Just after discovering that the situation was not right, she asked her friend to check the details of the store.

I found it now.

The legal person in charge and owner of the Royal No. 5 private kitchen is Xiao Ruofeng, not anyone else.

“Haha… Levi, dare you say this store belongs to you?”

Natalie asked.

“Yeah, is there a problem?”

Levi generously admitted.

Natalie glared at him and gave the phone to Sarah.

Sarah’s face changed after seeing the information.

She and Natalie were shocked just now.

I really thought that this store belonged to Levi.

Sarah smiled and said, “Natalie, don’t mind, Levi likes to joke!”

Natalie sneered again and again: “I found out a long time ago, and love to talk big.”

“Can Manager Ran take a look at the business license?”

Natalie is cautious and careful, she wants to convince Levi.

Ran Yaoshen could only get his business license.

Natalie slapped the business license in front of Levi: “Look carefully, whose store is this? Xiao Ruofeng’s! Does it have anything to do with Levi?”

Ran Yaoshen really wanted to say something–as long as this Lord said a word, even the Xiao family belonged to him!

Natalie saw Levi not speaking, and said angrily: “From now on, don’t say such things outside, okay? You are just embarrassing Sarah!”

After this episode, Sarah was still very puzzled. She asked in a low voice, “What is going on with Natalie? How could we be treated like this?”

Natalie’s eyebrows frowned: “The only explanation right now is my identity-the vice president of Erick Group. Many people know that it was President Graham Nanxuan who bought the Garrison Group and Garrison’s Group from the Xiao family! It should be Graham Nanxuan. The Xiao family regards him as a guest of honor! I am Graham Nanxuan’s vice president and it is normal to receive this treatment!

Sarah exclaimed again and again: “This Mr. Graham is too good? But think about it, can it be ordinary people who can deal with the Xiao family?”

Natalie smiled mysteriously: “Sarah, let me tell you another secret. Graham Nanxuan actually works for somebody.”

Sarah almost jumped up and asked incredulously, “Could it be that the Lord of Erick Group is someone else!”

Natalie nodded: “Yes, today I thought it was Mr. Graham Nanxuan Graham who interviewed me. I finally realized that it was the real boss who was interviewing me through the video. He was simply amazing. From the perspective of his problem and the future development of the company. , I’ve seen the most powerful financial boss. To be exaggerated, I’m a fan of him!”

At the end, Natalie looked admired.

She was really conquered by Levi today.

Levi, who was eating a lobster next to him, smiled.

He didn’t expect Natalie to become his little fan.

“So amazing? Would it belong to a 67-year-old grandfather?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“No, Mr. Graham Nanxuan told me, who would he be with? He is about the same age as yours, Levi!”

Chapter 222

Natalie’s eyes fell on Levi’s body.

“They are all about the same age, why is the difference so big?”

Natalie sighed.

Sarah defended Levi: “Natalie, Levi is still capable! You can help me!”

Natalie turned her head away, unwilling to look at Levi.

“Erick Group has been hiring workers, but he is not suitable. The only suitable ones are the cleaning department and the security department!”

Natalie’s implication-Levi is rubbish.

Sarah smiled and said, “Natalie, the mysterious boss, I guess you must really want to see you?”

Natalie’s face was full of expectant expressions.

“Mr. Graham said that I will see it soon! I dare to assert that he is the one who can disturb the situation in Case York! I am very fortunate to work by his side!”

Then Natalie changed the subject and said: “Sarah, I strongly recommend that you divorce Levi! Look, your development is getting better and better, Levi is getting more and more decadent, and the gap between you will be bigger and bigger. In the end, Levi will bring it up by himself, so it’s better to get a divorce sooner.”

“I’ll help you introduce boyfriends. Everyone is an international elite. Even Levi can’t compare with him six years ago!”

Sarah smiled and refused: “Natalie, I know your kindness, but I’ve been here with Dingye Jun for the rest of my life!”


Natalie sighed.

She knew her best friend was stubborn.

It seems that I can only start from Levi.

Let him file for a divorce!

After eating.

Natalie took Sarah away, no matter how Levi returned.

Soon, a large group of people surrounded Levi.

Xiao Ruofeng and others are here.

“Mr. Garrison, I will take you back personally, right?”

Xiao Ruofeng asked.

“No, I’ll go back!”

Levi lit a cigarette and disappeared into the night.

The reason why he walked is very simple, thinking about how to deal with the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

After all, the Case York Chamber of Commerce is rooted in Case York.

Once the Case York Chamber of Commerce falls, it will affect the economic development of Case York and other aspects.

At that time, I am afraid that a large number of people will be unemployed…

This is what Levi didn’t want to see.

We should not affect the development of Case York because of our own selfish desires.

So he must first replace the Case York Chamber of Commerce with Erick Group.

This is much easier to deal with.

At this time, there was a Maybach with more than ten million dollars parked on the side of the road ahead, and the turn signal was on.

At first sight something went wrong.

And there was a woman’s cry for help.

Due to tension, the girl couldn’t even tell where.

After Levi arrived, he found that an old man in the back row had been in shock.

Seeing the special medicine for heart disease next to him, Levi understood that the old man had a heart attack.

And to a very serious point.

“I can cure your grandpa, you get out of the way!”

Levi approached.

The girl obediently stepped away.

The old man was handed over to Levi.

Levi started his business six years ago, specializing in the field of medicine, and he himself is a professional doctor.

Later on the battlefield, the medical skills are even more amazing.

Surgery in the field is commonplace.

So he can solve it.

“What are you doing? Stop it!”

At this time, an angry shout came.

Levi also turned around and saw hundreds of people standing behind him.

This is the old man’s bodyguard!

When the bodyguards see this, they will start their hands.

Thought Levi was harming people.

“I’m saving him, you guys get out of the way!”

Levi said coldly.

The headed bodyguard said coldly: “We have the most professional doctors, we don’t need you! Don’t mess around!!!”

Chapter 223

“Hehe, you bodyguards are slow enough, this old man has been in shock for ten minutes? Even the special effects won’t work anymore, he will die thoroughly in a few minutes!”

Levi smiled.

Hearing that, the face of these bodyguards changed drastically.

The old man’s doctor has already arrived by helicopter, but it will take eight minutes.

The girl seemed to wake up: “That’s right! The special medicine doesn’t work anymore! Grandpa needs to be treated as soon as possible!”

Levi smiled: “Now the old man’s heart has stopped! Just wait!”

The girl pleaded: “Please save my grandpa, sir!”

“Okay, get out of here, let me try!”

Saving people is important, Levi agreed.

Hundreds of bodyguards can only watch.

Now that there are no medical facilities, Levi can only use his hands instead of pacemakers.

He crazily squeezed the old man’s heart…

Three minutes later, three helicopters landed here.

A dozen doctors rushed over immediately.

A dozen people followed.

It can be seen that the identity of the elderly is important.

The headed doctor repeatedly blamed himself: “We are late! It’s been more than ten minutes! The heart must have stopped!”

The other doctors’ foreheads were full of beaded sweat.

If the old man dies, all of them will be buried with him!

Because the identity of the old man is too precious!

This is Shane Wanshan, the richest man in Case York!

The doctors roughly pushed away the dumbfounded bodyguard and came to the Maybach car.

“Doctor Brown, you just came! Grandpa’s heart has stopped for a long time!”

The girl asked.

Doctor Brown secretly said that it was bad.

When he saw Levi doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he was shocked.

“what is this?”

“What is he doing?”

The doctors were terrified.

“He said he could save people!”

Said the bodyguard leader.

“What? Messing! Completely screaming!”

Doctor Brown shouted.

There was a glimmer of hope.

Once disturbed by this stranger, this time is completely abolished.

The richest man Shane Wanshan is dead!

This also means that they are dead.

Doctor Brown scolded, “What do you eat? Wouldn’t you stop it?”

The bodyguards lowered their heads, no one dared to answer.


But at this moment, a cough broke the noise.

An incredible scene appeared in front of everyone-Shane Wansan, who had been in shock and had a cardiac arrest, actually got up…

Levi also got out of the car, and he conveniently fed the special medicine to Shane Wansan.

Now the special effects work.

After taking the special medicine, Shane Wanshan breathed visibly smoothly and stopped coughing…

This magical scene stunned everyone.

Levi glanced at the doctors and said, “Now you can take it back to the hospital for observation and treatment! The problem is not big!”

Shane Wanshan sat on the seat, grabbed Levi’s hands, and said gratefully: “Little brother, old man, thank you! If it weren’t for you, the old man would have explained it today!”

Levi smiled and said, “The old man hastened to go to the hospital for an examination. It’s nothing more than a simple effort, no thanks!”

At this time, several doctors came to carry Shane Wanshan away.

Before Shane Wanshan boarded the helicopter, he said to his granddaughter: “Xinyi, you take your benefactor home, he is the great benefactor of my Shane family!”

Brown Wanghui also wanted to know what method Levi used to bring people back to life.

He is also looking for Levi.

It’s just that Shane Xinyi and Brown Wanghui turned their heads, where is Levi’s figure.

Levi left early.

Chapter 224

After Shane Wanshan learned of the situation, he repeatedly praised: “This young man is really good! Obviously I saw the bodyguard of the helicopter luxury car, I must know my identity, but left silently, good conduct. I Shane Wanshan want to give him a good luck!”

“If his family is poor, I will make him a billionaire instantly! Now that he has achievements, I will make him even stronger! Let him have a foothold in Case York!”

Everyone was shocked.

This is Shane Wanshan, the richest man.

In the eyes of the public, he is like a god.

Can easily change a person’s destiny!

After all, in addition to resources, the richest man has connections throughout the military, politics, and business, and resources are the best.

Shane Wansan is comparable to the entire Case York Chamber of Commerce.

“You mobilize all relationships to find out, tomorrow I want to know the identity of this little brother!”

Shane Wanshan gave the order to die.

This evening, tens of thousands of people in Case York were investigating the whereabouts of Levi.

Shane Xinyi regretted: “I was too scared at the time, I forgot what he looked like.”

After Levi returned home.

Sarah and Natalie are discussing future development.

Seeing him, Natalie said coldly: “Tomorrow I will move into a new home, I hope you will help me move, rest assured, the salary will not be less!”

Sarah smiled awkwardly: “Natalie, what you said, Levi just needs time to help. What kind of money do you want?”

Natalie snorted coldly.

“Your husband accepted it during the day!”

She said to herself.

The next day, Natalie went to work early.

Levi has the full authority to move the house.

Levi could only endure the plum dyeing face.

The house Natalie bought was 300 square meters, which was huge.

Many things were repurchased by her.

So several carts of household items were brought in.

The moving company gave Levi a set of work clothes.

After he put it on, he joined the moving army.

Levi carried home appliances and went inside…

The scene is in full swing!

At this time, a multi-million Ferrari drove into the Oriental Garden.

And stopped in front of Natalie’s new home.

A girl walked out of the car wearing a luxury brand name, took off her sunglasses, revealing a beautiful face.

The co-pilot came down to a woman in black overalls with a briefcase in her hand.

Girl, Levi met last night.

Shane Xinyi, the granddaughter of the richest man Shane Wanshan.

Known as the little princess of Case York.

It is rumored that Shane Xinyi likes piano, and the insurance she bought with both hands is as high as 3 billion.

Shane Xinyi rushed to Levi excitedly.

“Mr. Garrison is really you!”

Shane Xinyi smiled.

Last night, the Shane family launched a relationship and looked for it all night, but Levi was not found.

While he was in a hurry, someone found him at the Black Ant Moving Company this morning.

After Shane Xinyi found out, she ran to thank you for the first time.

Seeing that Levi was wearing a black ant moving company work clothes, she was sure that Levi worked at the moving company.

Levi stopped the work at hand: “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

He didn’t have much impression of Shane Xinyi.

I took care of saving people last night.

“Remember what happened last night? You saved my grandpa!”

Shane Xinyi said.

“Oh, it’s you. Are you doing anything?”

Levi asked.

“Mr. Garrison, I am here today to thank you! Thank you for saving my grandpa!”

“Little things, don’t care.”

Shane Xinyi shook her head: “Mr. Garrison, this is no small matter. What kind of substantive thanks do you want? I will satisfy you!”

Chapter 225

Levi is still anxious to move.

He said impatiently: “You don’t need any actual thanks, just a thank you just now is enough!”

Shane Xinyi said: “No! I must thank you!”

“I do not need!”

Levi was really annoying.

“I will introduce you to my grandfather and me! Listen, the person you saved last night was the richest man in Case York, Shane Wanshan! I am his granddaughter Shane Xinyi! I currently work for Tianshen Pharmaceutical Technology under the Shane Group! The market value is over 10 billion. !”

After Shane Xinyi’s introduction.

Levi was stunned.

The person saved last night was the richest man in Case York!

No wonder it was so pompous!

The helicopter will arrive in eight minutes!

Also comes with a medical team!

Seeing Levi was stunned.

Shane Xinyi is very satisfied with this effect.

Because anyone who knows her identity will be scared.

Shane Xinyi said to Levi with a godly attitude: “Now believe that I can meet all your requirements? No matter what you want, or what you want to do, I can meet it!”

Levi shook his head: “No need, thank you.”

“How about a billion?”

Shane Xinyi said.

With a wave of her hand, the assistant next to her immediately took out a check from her briefcase.

After Shane Xinyi signed it, the cheque became effective immediately.

“Well, here you are!”

Shane Xinyi generously handed Levi the check.

Levi’s face became cold, and he looked at Shane Xinyi with an unhappy expression.

Is this insulting him?

Can this be the case for the richest man?

In the past few years, Levi has fought in the North and South, and the mercenaries or the assets of major organizations in the world have been confiscated and countless.

When it comes to money, ten trillion is simply unstoppable.

The richest man in Case York in a mere mere disregard.

With a hundred million thanks now, you are insulting him!

Am I fucking richer than you?

Seeing Levi’s face changed.

Shane Xinyi and assistant looked at each other.

The same thought flashed in their minds-they were still laymen, and once they knew their identity, the lion would speak up. A small employee of a moving company looks down on one hundred million and wants to make a fortune.

But this is also normal.

Human nature is like this.

“How about two billion?”

Shane Xinyi asked tentatively.

Levi’s face remained cold.


Shane Xinyi was about to laugh.

Levi is obviously not satisfied with the money!

Shane Xinyi took a breath and said, “How about a billion? What’s more, my grandpa will invite you to my house as a guest! From now on, you will be the nobleman of my Shane family. No one in Case York dare to disrespect you!”

Levi said coldly: “Sorry, I am not interested in money! I am not short of money either!”

Levi turned and entered the room.

Shane Xinyi and the assistant looked at each other.

The two people thought the same.

When he heard that he had saved the richest man, the lion opened his mouth.

A billion is not enough now!

Looking at Levi’s posture, it would cost 10 billion!

Ten billion Shane’s family can be given!

But Shane Xinyi couldn’t live there, so she had to discuss it with her family.

She and her assistant also followed Levi into the house.

After entering the room, I saw an envelope on the table next to the entrance.

It said Levi personally enlightened.

Shane Xinyi took the envelope and handed it to Levi.

He hadn’t noticed it before.

After he opened the envelope, there was a wad of money inside, and it was estimated that there were thousands of dollars in it.

There is also a piece of paper in it-this is the hard cost of moving today.

Levi stuffed the money into his pocket and threw the note away.

Shane Xinyi and her assistant could see clearly.

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