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Chapter 2160

Nichole continued to irritate them: “Why? Do you still want to k!ll me? Come on! Anyway, you are the least capable!”

“You can’t deal with the blood ancestors, so you can only cast your anger on small people like me! k!ll! This kind of thing is What you do best!”

Now, this group of high above, “god”-like beings are going to explode.

But they can’t do it yet.

Can only hold back!

If Nichole is k!lled, everything she just said is correct!

They will not take the initiative to admit it.

Levi and Cthulrun both wanted to laugh.

This group of lofty guys, who could not tolerate anyone in their eyes, were severely taught by a little girl.

But unable to refute.

Can only smash their teeth and swallow it in their stomach.

Extremely embarrassed!

A dozen people’s faces are as uncomfortable as eating flies…

Today they lose face!

“This matter is your business! It has nothing to do with me! I can only wipe your a55 up to here, and you can solve the rest by yourself! Go away!”

Levi left a word and left with Cthulrun.

They have to look for the Eighteen Dark Angels and Sarah.

“Don’t go! You have to go after a disaster?”

Someone wants to stop.

The leader yelled angrily: “Stop it all, don’t you think it’s not enough to be ashamed?”

“I want to say a fact that you don’t want to admit! This time it really depends on Levi! If it weren’t for him, it would be a dead island!”

“That is our responsibility! It is our late arrival! It is he who helped us take the responsibility!”


Hearing these ear-piercing words, everyone clenched their fists, their faces flushed, and the top of their heads seemed to be smoking.


Great shame!

For the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion.

Since birth, they have a sense of superiority.

This is their subconscious concept.

These ordinary people in Velador are guarded under them.

All belong to surrendering them…

But now ordinary people they guarded jumped out, doing all the earth-shattering things.

Grabbed one after another of their credit.

They did everything that belonged to them.

They are out of balance.

Especially they are saying that Levi is better than them.

They don’t even admit it!

No matter how powerful Levi was, no one would sincerely convince him.

It will only deepen the hatred!


Everyone is not convinced!

But they knew in their hearts that they really depended on Levi to come today.

They came too late.

Since then, their hatred and anger towards him have deepened.

In the future, they were determined not to let him steal the slightest limelight from them.

Each of them clenched their fists, and they vowed that they would never let this sort of thing happen again.


Shortly after Levi and the others left, a huge roar suddenly came from the sky.

A huge flying machine is coming.

Fall on Golden Harbor Island.

Everyone in Tiance Mansion immediately greeted him.

As the hatch opened.

The passage slowly spread out.

An eternal figure slowly stepped out.

As soon as he appeared on the stage, suffocating coercion swept across.

It seems that a Great mountain has fallen on Golden Harbor Island.

The visitor wore a long gown.

Carry your hands.

Slowly walked down.

Like a god descending from the sky.

He has a cold face, a handsome and resolute face!

It seems to be around 30 years old!

Young Lord Tiance!

At present, the helm of Tiance Mansion appeared.

He returned from the far north ice sheet ahead of schedule, just to control the situation.

Now that he heard that there was a major event in Golden Harbor Island, he came non-stop.

“What about that thing?”

Marshal Tiance couldn’t help asking.

“Enjoy the marshal, that thing is the ancestor of the ancient Western blood race, and it is expected to be within the first generations! But it has been beaten away by Levi!”

Everyone immediately explained the situation.

“Levi? Is that the father of that gifted child?”

Young Lord Tiance obviously knew about Levi.

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