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Chapter 2159

Others who don’t know are confused.

“Is the blood ancestor very powerful?”

Someone asked.

As a result, everyone looked at him like a fool.

“It’s more than a terrible problem! If you tell the great generals, they will all feel terrified…”

Hearing this, the man closed his mouth obediently.

Stop talking.

Everyone also knows that the blood ancestor is terrible!

It is the great horror that can make the gods tremble!

It turned out to be this kind of thing on Golden Harbor Island…

“Now that the blood ancestor is gone, you are okay, isn’t the blood ancestor solved by you?”

Everyone asked in astonishment.

“There is no solution! He ran away… The danger of Golden Harbor Island was solved!”

Levi approached.

Cthulrun added: “It was actually beaten away by us! That thing can’t be k!lled at all! It’s too strong!”

Everyone was taken aback first.

Then they all reacted.

“After a long time, you didn’t solve the blood ancestor, so you let him run away? Did he really run? Maybe he is still on Golden Harbor Island? Maybe he went to other places in Velador…”

“Do you know what you are doing? Are you solving the problem? You have planted a hidden danger! You have angered him! God knows how he will retaliate next?”

“Can you be sure that he ran away? Instead of hiding for an opportunity to retaliate? Instead of going directly into the interior of Velador? Can you be sure? Can it?”


This group of people is just like crazy, asking questions again and again.

Pushing everything on Levi and Cthulrun.

Instead, they blamed them for not directly solving the blood ancestor, but for letting him run away.

Both Levi and Cthulrun were dumbfounded.

At a loss.

They never expected this situation.

Can it be like this?

What a shame!

“Levi, I find that you always take the lead in this kind of thing. What kind of savior are you? Wouldn’t it work without you?”

“It’s okay now, you didn’t solve the blood ancestor, but let him run away! Can you bear the responsibility for future accidents?”

“You are sabotaging our Tiance Mansion’s plan! To tell you the truth, we are an advanced team! The current leader of Tiance Mansion will come here! He wants to solve this matter himself!”

“Yes! The blood ancestor is very strong! No one can deal with it! But the marshal of Tiance can solve it! He is to handle the matter personally!

If he comes, the blood ancestor will definitely die! There will be no escape!

But you are now arbitrarily in charge and feel that you can deal with it? Now it’s a disaster!”


Levi and Cthulrun were all dumbfounded.

This this this…

Obviously, they took the initiative and tried their best to solve the danger of Golden Harbor Island.

How could it be their fault?

Obviously, they came too late, but they blamed Levi.

Blame them for not solving the blood ancestor and let him go.

Can’t understand!

“Are you okay? When you arrive, the entire Golden Harbor Island has fallen. It can even be said that all the people on Golden Harbor Island have been k!lled! They saved the Golden Harbor Island! How come you are so embarrassed?”

“Where were you when thousands of us were torn apart by that blood ancestor and sucked up our blood? Where were you when Golden Harbor Island was threatened?”

“Big talk? Who wouldn’t say it! I would also say it! Everything is your incompetence! That led to the blood ancestors coming here! Everything is your incompetence! It is only your incompetence that makes Velador fall into crises again and again! It’s all of you trash!”

Nichole scolded angrily.

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the Tiance Mansion present blushed with thick necks.

It’s going to explode!!!

Nichole smiled: “Listen to me, you are comfortable? Cool? Who wouldn’t say bad things?”

This group of people became more and more angry, and they wanted to k!ll Nichole.

After all, she was stabbing in their wounds with her words.

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