The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2166

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Chapter 2166

They are dumbfounded.

They came so far.

Let them go back?


Everyone is vomiting blood!

“Are you sure you want us to go back?”

Mr. X asked.

He stared at everyone in Kangaroo Country.

“Yes, you go back! Just let you go back, didn’t you just hear it?”

The opposite said naturally.

I didn’t treat them as the same thing at all.

Mr. X is really angry.

“Okay, let’s go! Blood ancestors, solve it by yourself! My Lab of gods will never interfere again!”

Mr. X is determined to teach the Kangaroo country a lesson.

He is going straight away.

A few people in Kangaroo Country smiled and said: “Oh, blood ancestor, you don’t need to solve it! He has been solved by us!”


Mr. X and they all turned around.

“The blood ancestor is resolved? How could it be possible? We haven’t taken any action yet?”

Everyone looked incredible.

“What does it have to do with you or not? You never think that only you can solve the blood ancestors in this world, right?”

The representatives of Kangaroo Nation looked at them with disdain.

At this time, the Kangaroo country has released the news that the blood ancestors have been resolved.

The clown emperor quickly determined this matter.

Before they came, someone helped Kangaroo Nation deal with the blood ancestors.

Now the blood ancestor was beaten away and disappeared.

The crisis in Kangaroo Country has been lifted!

“Who? Who helped you solve the blood ancestor?”

Mr. X is very curious.

Others are no exception.

“This is confidential! We don’t actually know who it is! But I can tell you that it belongs to Velador!”


As soon as he heard Velador, Mr. X’s eyes fired.

“Velador! It’s Velador again!!! D*mn!!!”

Mr. X shouted angrily.

The crisis on Golden Harbor Island was resolved so quickly.

By the way, the crisis in the Kangaroo country has also been resolved, and his plan has been directly undermined.

He can’t get the doomsday seed bank in Kangaroo country!!!

Going crazy!

If he knew that everything was done by Levi, he would be even more angry.

“Please go back! As for our doomsday seed bank, no need to think about it! This blood ancestor incident is inseparable from you! We all know it!”


Mr. X touched the dust all his life and could only leave in a dingy manner.

As for the doomsday seed bank in Kangaroo Nation, they have to think of other ways…

On the other side, Tiance Mansion Colin already knew that the crisis in Kangaroo Nation had been resolved.

“Velador people solved it? Who is it?”

Young Lord Tiance, they are guessing who made the shot…

At this time, a message came from an intelligence agent: “Everything was done by Levi! He relayed it to the Tiance Mansion, and let us take the initiative to take the credit!”

In a word, the people of Tiance Mansion were going to explode.

“He’s a ba5tard! When did my Tiance Mansion need him to give us the credit?”

“Levi is really getting too much! He didn’t put Tiance Mansion in his eyes at all!”

“How can we take this credit? Impossible!”


But at this time, the Marshal Tiance smiled: “Okay! We take the credit as Levi said! Send a message, saying that the blood ancestor crisis of the Kangaroo nation is solved by us!”

“Marshal, this…”

The others were anxious.

Marshal Tiance smiled and said: “I didn’t see it, is this Levi ridiculing us on purpose? Then let’s follow his meaning! I am really more and more interested in this boy!”

“We’ll meet sooner or later! Levi, this matter is considered to be settled!”


Soon Tiance Mansion released the news that it was they who resolved the crisis in the Kangaroo Country.

Many people are relieved.

Even Mr. X believed it.

Except for Tiance Mansion, no one else has this ability.

As for Levi, who has done all this, is now at the place where the Holy Tribe organization is located…

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