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Chapter 2167

Even Levi didn’t know where this was.

In short, it is the depths of the Southern Continent.

A place where adventurers don’t want to come to death.

It seems that because of the magnetic field, all modern technology and equipment have failed.

And this place is filled with dense fog, and the depth of coverage is unprecedented.

Obviously, even satellite devices cannot detect this.

If someone took it with him, Levi would definitely not be able to come to this place.

This is definitely not found on the map.

This is the missing piece of the world.

Both Levi and Cthulrun were admired by the magic of nature.

Levi also found that the dense fog was full of poison, no matter what physique, as long as he inhaled it, he would definitely die.

“It’s up to you now! Can you get through here!”

Underworld god they smiled.

Presumably being able to pass this fog is also one of the tests.

But this can be difficult for others, but not for Levi and Cthulrun.

After all, the two had a good relationship with the evil god of poison.

Where did you get a little poison power from the evil god of poison.

Although the poison in this thick fog is overbearing, it is hard to reach them.

The group continued on the road.

After passing through the dense fog, his vision finally widened.

But it just opened up a little bit.

Because they are in a dense forest.

The dense forest is filled with black fog, and it is still a place that satellites cannot explore.


Finally out of the dense forest, the eyes really opened up.

This world seems to be dark.

Dim and dark, nether worldly.

There is a little faint light, but I don’t know where the light comes from.

In the distance are rolling mountains, and you can vaguely see the castles.

Cthulrun was shocked by the scene before him.

Levi smiled: “Pretend to be a god! It’s just a good place!”

What is the specific organization of the Holy Tribe, we still need to see people.

Eventually, Levi and the others were taken into the dark castle.

“From now on, you are a member of the Holy Tribe Organization! By the way, you too…”

Although the Underworld god is extremely reluctant to recognize the Cthulrun evil god.

But when he followed Levi, he could only get him to join the Holy Tribe organization.

“Wait a minute, the Dark god will come soon!”

Underworld gods.

Levi sneered in his heart.

Ha ha.

Dark god?


Does he most want to know where Sarah is now?

As long as he saw Sarah, he would immediately take her away.

Ghosts will join the Holy Tribe organization!

“Levi, you are finally here!!!”

At this time, a majestic voice sounded.

You can’t find the source of the sound at all.

This voice seems to be everywhere…

“And you, Fire Cloud evil god, I wanted to find you to join the Holy Tribe Organization! But you are so mysterious that I didn’t even find!”

The voice of the Dark god sounded again.

I have to say that Cthulrun still has a few brushes.

The hiding technique is indeed in place.

“You are the God of Darkness?”

Levi asked.

“That’s right! It’s me! Now you finally want to join! Even if I know you don’t sincerely want to join, I even want to know what you are going to do…”

Dark god laughed.

Regarding this, Levi was not shocked.

It is easy for the other party to think of his purpose.

It was from Sarah.

“Yes, I never thought about joining your sh!t organization! My purpose is very simple, take my wife back!”

Levi spit out everything in his heart in one breath.

This made the Underworld god extremely shocked.

“Levi is here for you… didn’t you want to join? Then why did you promise us?”

The eighteen dark angels are almost dumbfounded.

“If I don’t agree to join, will you bring me here? Can I find it here?”

Levi said this.


Everyone understands.

Used by Levi!

“Hand over my wife! Don’t force me to raze this place to the ground by myself!”

Levi roared.

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