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Chapter 2175

Nandi was number one in the summer.

He has already disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

But it seems to be a shot in Velador Donghai.

I was listed on the dark web!

Nandi ranked fifth!

No one knows what happened in Velador Donghai’s battle, let alone what Nandi did in that battle.

But no one questioned the authority of the dark web.

After all, from the previous era to the present, the dark web is showing its strength and uniqueness.

But after Nandi was on the list, Velador trembled.

No way?

Where was the Southern Emperor squeezed to…

They were all behind Levi and Common Killing God, a forgotten existence by the world.

Now it is fifth on the god list.

You must know that before the Commonwealth Killing God ranked second in the rankings, ahead of the Southern Emperor.

But now the Southern Emperor God List is fifth, and the Common Killer God has not even made the list!

This gap is too big, right?

Some people even wonder if it was a mistake.

In the end, Tiance Mansion came forward and claimed: The Southern Emperor is indeed capable of ranking fifth on the God List.

At the same time, Tianji Pavilion updated the Big Summer Ranking.

Nandi ranked first…

It seems that Tianji Pavilion has long known about Nandi.

On the gods list, Velador is really on the list.

Qilin and Owen finally made the list after thousands of hard work, surpassing the predecessors such as Commoner Killing God.

Even Wesley Ron is very close to this list.

Wen Lei has played, and she is also on the top of the gods.

And He Qingxue didn’t know what she had experienced in the past two years, she was also on the list.

It can be seen that these two years can give people opportunities.

Let how many ordinary people get a chance to leap into a dragon.

For this era, two years are long enough.

Nothing will feel strange…

Li Chengmin from Star Country is also among them…

There are many acquaintances of Levi on this list, and of course there are also many new ones.

The Bible organization is here.

The dark god has been paying attention to Levi.

This year has passed.

Levi didn’t even move.

Abruptly closed for a year.

It’s not like before, waking up with a punch and then continuing to retreat.

This time I have been in retreat.

“Okay, very good, I want to see how long you can last…”

The dark god does not believe in this evil.

Sarah is curious about who is inside…

At this moment, Levi has been in retreat.

Last closed for one year.

He tried to integrate everything he had learned, including basic exercises and various taboo techniques, as well as his self-derived creations.

Combining everything together, playing a trick that destroys the world, the result is still useless for the wall.

It can’t be penetrated at all!

So this time in retreat, he abandoned all distracting thoughts, and forgot all the taboo techniques and all kinds of miscellaneous things.

He only practices one thing.

That is the most basic exercise method!

The pursuit of the most extreme power, the pursuit of the most extreme speed…

This most basic exercise can be said to have no end, and there is no mention of the day when the practice is finished.

Only the stronger day.

Because you have practiced to the extreme, you dare not say that your strength is the strongest and the speed is the fastest…

So now Levi’s retreat is pursuing this limit…

This retreat lasts for one year.

Levi didn’t wake up yet.

But the dark god can afford it.

He has slowly honed Sarah into a killing machine.

Her humanity is getting weaker and weaker.

In his eyes there was nothing but hatred and killing.

Since plums came out of the mountain, almost all of them have been killing people and selling goods.

The biblical organization takes people’s money and money to eliminate disasters for others.

“Ziran, your mission is here!”

“This time I went to Velador Kunlun Industry to snatch the potion! After getting the potion, everyone will be killed!”

Upon receiving the new task, Sarah was just in a daze.

This means that she has almost no concept of Velador.

Only bloodthirsty and killing.

Chapter 2176

It shows that the training of the Dark God is about to succeed.

Sarah is about to become a killing machine.

Hone for a while.

It is estimated that she would forget everything, only killing and bloodthirsty.

After receiving the task, Sarah immediately went to Velador.

This medicine is newly developed by Kunlun Industry and has a peculiar effect on healing and saving lives.

Now it is sent from the northern desert to the Kunlun Industrial Headquarters Case York.

The escorts are strong like Wen Lei.

Wen Lei is now the strongest of the gods.

It is naturally safe to be escorted by her.

Along the way, dozens of strong people came to grab it.

They were all beheaded by Wen Lei.

In this era, there are a lot of resources grabbing, no wonder.

Nowhere is safe.

Even if Velador Frontier does its best to defend, there are always people coming in.

The only safety is the guarantee of strong strength!

Wen Lei and the others walked out of the desert without risk.

But at this time a dangerous breath came.

A figure appeared.

“It’s the Empress!!!”

The female emperor is so famous, no one knows.

Especially the eighth of the god list.

It is even more daunting.

This time, they panicked.

It’s dangerous.

The Empress is here!

Who is not afraid?

Although Wen Lei is also the strongest of the gods, the gap is too big.

Wen Lei is ranked sixty-seventh and the Empress is eighth.

It’s incomparable.

Sarah glanced at everyone indifferently.

The task entrusted to her was to take things away and all the people were killed.

But when he saw Wen Lei and Regina, Sarah was in a daze, and his killing intent was reduced a lot.


“sister in law?”

Wen Lei and Regina also recognized that plum was dyed.

Since Sarah was taken away by mysterious forces two years ago, he has never appeared again.

They have also looked for it.

No results.

But who would have thought that the fierce empress was her?

“Where have you been, Ziran these two years?”

“How did you become the empress?”

They asked curiously.

“You are from Kunlun Industry? The medicine I want is in your hands?”

Sarah did not answer this question.

But asked indifferently.

Although she recognized Wen Lei and Regina.

Can be indifferent.

“Yes, that’s right! Ziran, we are Kunlun Industry! Not only that! Kunlun Industry was founded by Junlin!”

Wen Lei said.

Sarah denied: “Impossible!”

“When King’s Landing is dead, how can it be possible to create Kunlun Industry! He and Lucifer are dead together! Unfortunately, Lucifer is alive again, and I can’t kill him now!”

Sarah roared angrily.

Wen Lei and Regina said, “Junlin (brother) is still alive… He is actually not dead!”

“He just disappeared… he has a good chance of looking for you! I feel like my brother is still alive! He will definitely appear!”

Regina said.

It’s just that Sarah didn’t believe what the two of them said at all.

“No! King’s Landing is dead! I live now to avenge King’s Landing!”

Wen Lei and Regina were anxious: “You have to believe what we said! He really just disappeared, not dead!”

“Master told me that King’s Landing is dead, I believe in Master’s! I only believe in his! Only he can make me take revenge! Now he arranges me to do what I do…”

Plum dyeing is full of killing intent.

There was a trace of madness in his eyes.

“Ziran, wake up, you are different now! You have changed! You wake up quickly! You can’t kill anymore…”


Wen Lei and Regina hurriedly persuaded.

“Now you give me things right away, I won’t kill you!”

This is Sarah’s only benevolence since he came out of the Bible organization.

“No! This medicine is very important, and we can’t give it to you!”

“Ziran listened to our advice, don’t continue!”

Sarah was murderous, and said coldly: “Then I will take it myself!!!”

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