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Chapter 2177

Sarah’s murderous intent was violent, and Wen Lei and Regina were both scared as soon as they were displayed.

Is this the coercion from the eighth of the god list?

It’s not a level at all!

“You protect the potion and go first, I’ll stop her!”

Wen Lei commanded.

Regina and the others could only leave first with the medicine.

“Want to run?”

Sarah rushed to catch up, Wen Lei stood in front of her.

During the days in Kunlun Industry, Wen Lei used ancient martial arts and modern technology to develop her potential to a limit.

This is also an important reason why she was able to rank among the gods.

But against plum dyeing, it’s not at the same level at all.

Soon Wen Lei was seriously injured and was beaten out.

Didn’t stop many meetings!

Sarah also caught up with Regina and them instantly.

“Hand over things and spare you not to die!”

Sarah stretched out his hand.

Regina looked terrified.

But at this moment, a horrible breath came.

The powerhouse of Tiance Mansion is here.

The marshal Tiance personally led the team.

“We’ve been eyeing you long ago, Empress!”

Marshal Tiance sneered.

“The Marshal Empress Qiqi is actually Levi’s wife, Sarah!”

Someone tells the identity of Sarah.

“Okay! Levi really has you! Haven’t you been fighting for Da Family all your life? Aren’t you taking credit for everything? Look at your wife! Become a murderer!”

Marshal Tiance laughed.

Hearing that, Sarah’s murderous intention is overwhelming.

That posture can’t wait to fight the marshal of Tiance desperately.

But at this time, the voice of the dark god came from her ear, making her retreat.

Sarah obeyed the order of the dark god and immediately retreated.

Tiance Marshal and other strong men pursued for a long time, but let Sarah run away.

“Pass on my order! From now on, Sarah will be Velador’s enemy! He is the first most wanted enemy on the most wanted list! If you see her, I will kill you!”

Marshal Tiance ordered.

From now on, Sarah will be the enemy of Velador.

Everyone will kill when they see it.

“Levi, Levi, you can control the affairs of the world, but you can’t control the house affairs! It’s so funny to me! If you have the ability, you can come out and solve Sarah!”

Marshal Tiance smiled.

In Tiance Mansion, Aubrey is already an older child.

Whether it is appearance or strength, they are all top-notch.

Several ancestors were very satisfied withAubrey.

“If this goes on, you will be able to go out alone in another year!”

Several ancestors smiled.

“But I’m a little bit reluctant to go out! What a nice boy! How dangerous is outside!”

The domineering female ancestor lovedAubrey too much.

“No! Junjun still has to go to experience, go to trespass! Can’t be the flowers in the greenhouse!”

“But before that we need to teach her all the lessons to make sure she can solve the danger in the future…”

Several old ancestors looked atAubrey with reluctance in their eyes.

Their lives have been boring for hundreds of years.

But afterAubrey came, everyone’s life became brighter.

The smile on everyone’s face never broke.

Time continues to pass.

The world is changing more and more.

More and more ancient relics were discovered, and more and more ancient tribes emerged.

More and more wars are going on.

All parties are developing faster and stronger.

Compared with the past, it is still improving rapidly.

Three years, three years have passed.

It really has undergone earth-shaking changes!

These three years have really changed an era abruptly.

completely different!

This year has changed more severely!

If you have been isolated from the world for the past three years, you will be frightened if you suddenly come out.

What surprised the God of Darkness was that Levi had been in retreat this time for two years, and he refused to wake up.


What is he doing? ? ?

Is this man crazy?

Three years have passed in a flash.

He has been trapped for three years!

Chapter 2178

The dark god couldn’t figure out what he was doing?

But he can afford it!

Can Levi afford it?

He can’t afford it!

“Levi, don’t you surrender to me? Do you still want to be trapped?”

The voice of the dark god echoed in the cage.

The Huoyun evil god woke up.

But Levi still did not wake up.

He was immersed in his own world.

The Dark God couldn’t help being surprised, and even the Huoyun Cthulhu himself was surprised.

What’s wrong with Levi?

What is he going to do?

“Levi, you can slowly retreat! According to your strength, you will not be able to open this place for the rest of your life!”

The dark god smiled.

He was already disappointed with Levi.

Now Sarah meets his conditions.

He has been honed by the great demon of adults who are frightened by the wind.

He has no expectations for Levi.

He left Levi to fend for himself.

Starting today, the Bible organization will move away from here.

Go to another place.

Because in these years, a series of plans of the Dark God have succeeded.

No need to hide in this place anymore.

Everything here has been abandoned.

Including Levi’s cage was also thrown here forever.

Levi will be locked here for a lifetime and will never be able to get out.

No one knows how strong this thing is better than the Dark God.

He also knew Levi’s hole cards very well.

Even though Levi had an unusual talent, he couldn’t face this stuff at all.

I really want to be trapped here for a lifetime.

The Bible organization moved, and the Dark God completely abandoned Levi.

Before leaving, Sarah was still curiously asking the dark god.

Don’t worry about the locked up enemy?

“It’s okay, he won’t be able to get out in this life!”

The dark god smiled.

The world is changing dramatically.

Earth-shaking changes have also taken place in the Star Country and East Island near Velador.

Take Xingguo Orion Group as an example, they have planned for the future very early.

In the past three years, they have gained a lot.

Now it truly ranks among the top organizations in the world.

However, in the three years since Levi disappeared, Li Chengmin suffered a lot.

At the time of the Star Kingdom War, Li Chengmin’s private hiding of Levi was completely exposed.

There is no need for the laboratories of the gods, and the Orion Group itself must severely punish Li Chengmin.

The senior executives of Orion Group severely accused Li Chengmin face to face: “Even if we are not friends with the Gods Laboratory, we and Velador are enemies! You are helping Velador by helping Levi! You are a traitor of Orion Group! You are a traitor to the star country!”

These words are still deeply engraved in Li Chengmin’s mind.

She concealed Levi, which violated the taboo of Orion Group.

But she has a special status and cannot be killed directly.

Therefore, the Li consortium decided to expel Li Chengmin from the Logan status and expelled her from the Logan.

And abolish Li Chengmin’s superpowers!

Finally, he was imprisoned in a small black room for ten years as punishment.

In the past three years, Li Chengmin was kept in the dark underground, suffering from loneliness and darkness.

In the Logan, people often ask Li Chengmin whether he regrets it, and let her out as long as she realizes the mistake.

But Li Chengmin never regretted it.

She would do it again if she did it again.

She will always cover Levi.

For no other reason, Li Chengmin has long fallen in love with Levi.

After getting along for a while, Li Chengmin hopefully fell in love with Levi.

Knowing that Levi was dead, she was already dead, and she didn’t care how she was punished.

Especially after this matter was known to the senior management, he was even more angry.

Put her in custody and repent.

He used torture every day to punish her, make her confess, and make her confess her mistakes.

Li Chengmin is used to it.

But her body is weak and she can’t hold on anymore…

Not many days to live…

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