The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2178

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Chapter 2178

The dark god couldn’t figure out what he was doing?

But he can afford it!

Can Levi afford it?

He can’t afford it!

“Levi, don’t you surrender to me? Do you still want to be trapped?”

The voice of the dark god echoed in the cage.

The Cthulrun evil god woke up.

But Levi still did not wake up.

He was immersed in his own world.

The Dark god couldn’t help being surprised, and even the Cthulrun himself was surprised.

What’s wrong with Levi?

What is he going to do?

“Levi, you can slowly retreat! According to your strength, you will not be able to open this place for the rest of your life!”

The dark god smiled.

He was already disappointed with Levi.

Now Sarah meets his conditions.

He has been honed by the great demon of adults who are frightened by the wind.

He has no expectations for Levi.

He left Levi to fend for himself.

Starting today, the Bible organization will move away from here.

Go to another place.

Because in these years, a series of plans of the Dark god have succeeded.

No need to hide in this place anymore.

Everything here has been abandoned.

Including Levi’s cage was also thrown here forever.

Levi will be locked here for a lifetime and will never be able to get out.

No one knows how strong this thing is better than the Dark god.

He also knew Levi’s hole cards very well.

Even though Levi had an unusual talent, he couldn’t face this stuff at all.

He really wants to be trapped here for a lifetime.

The Bible organization moved, and the Dark god completely abandoned Levi.

Before leaving, Sarah was still curiously asking the dark god.

Don’t worry about the locked up enemy?

“It’s okay, he won’t be able to get out in this life!”

The dark god smiled.

The world is changing dramatically.

Earth-shaking changes have also taken place in the Star Country and East Island near Velador.

Take Orion Group as an example, they have planned for the future very early.

In the past three years, they have gained a lot.

Now it truly ranks among the top organizations in the world.

However, in the three years since Levi disappeared, Mebel suffered a lot.

At the time of the Star Kingdom War, Mebel’s private hiding of Levi was completely exposed.

There is no need for the laboratories of the gods, and the Orion Group itself must severely punish Mebel.

The senior executives of Orion Group severely accused Mebel face to face: “Even if we are not friends with the Gods Laboratory, we and Velador are enemies! You are helping Velador by helping Levi! You are a traitor of Orion Group! You are a traitor to the star country!”

These words are still deeply engraved in Mebel’s mind.

She concealed Levi, which violated the taboo of Orion Group.

But she has a special status and cannot be k!lled directly.

Therefore, the Logan consortium decided to expel Mebel from the Logan family status and expelled her from the Logan family.

And abolish Mebel’s superpowers!

Finally, he was imprisoned in a small black room for ten years as punishment.

In the past three years, Mebel was kept in the dark underground, suffering from loneliness and darkness.

In the Logan family, people often ask Mebel whether he regrets it, and let her out as long as she realizes the mistake.

But Mebel never regretted it.

She would do it again if she did it again.

She will always cover Levi.

For no other reason, Mebel has long fallen in love with him.

After getting along for a while, she hopefully fell in love with him.

Knowing that Levi was dead, she was already dead, and she didn’t care how she was punished.

Especially after this matter was known to the senior management, they were even more angry.

Put her in custody and repent.

He used torture every day to punish her, make her confess, and make her confess her mistakes.

Mebel is used to it.

But her body is weak and she can’t hold on anymore…

Not many days to live…

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