The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2179

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Chapter 2179

At this time, Mebel’s father Zetren Logan, and others came to the place where Mebel was detained.

This is an underground prison.

Zetren also has no right to open it, and can only communicate directly with Mebel.

“Daughter! Father has a chance for you!”

Zetren shouted.

“Now as long as you agree, you will be released, and you will be relieved of all guilt! You will be restored to your Logan family’s identity!”

But Mebel took a look and didn’t have any interest.

“Now our Orion Group is cooperating with Maya Industry! As long as you marry Maya Industry’s man! You can be released! This is your only chance! It’s the opportunity I grabbed!”

Mebel shook her head: “Father, give up! I won’t marry! I’ll wait to die!”

“What? Are you still thinking about Levi?”

Zetren couldn’t help asking what he realized.

“Yes, that’s right! I just like Levi!”

Mebel replied.

“You shameless! Levi is our enemy of Orion! He has a wife, how can you like him?”

As soon as Mebel said this, everyone immediately drew insults.

“You are still thinking about him! He is dead!”

Zetren hated iron and yelled.

“Then I won’t marry forever and die with him!”

Like Mebel, Zetren had no choice but to give up.

“Let her die! Also, warn everyone in Orion Group!”

However, Orion Group and Maya Industrial Co., Ltd. are no longer cooperating with Gods Laboratory.

Maya Industry has become the big backer of Orion Group.

And in these three years.

On the contrary, the Lab of the Gods is very low-key. Except for Lucifer’s activities in the first year, after winning the title of the Four Great Gods, in the past three years, the Lab of the Gods has become more and more low-key…

In the past three years, all parties have been developing rapidly. The original major forces have become stronger and stronger, and more forces have emerged, such as Maya Industry.

However, the news of the Gods Laboratory is getting less and less, and the activities are getting less and less, and even the mining of resources such as Sun Stone is not involved.

After three years, the Lab of the Gods completely faded out of the eyes of the world.

So many people do not know or forget the existence of the laboratory of the gods.

Many people are wondering what the Gods Lab is doing?

How could it suddenly disappear?

So that there is no news at all.

The Lab of the Gods simply disappeared.


The forces that should have emerged in this era are now hidden from the world…

What are they doing?

Tiance Mansion has investigated the Lab of the Gods more than once, but nothing has been found. The Lab of the Gods has really disappeared.

Other major forces are also investigating the Gods Lab, but there is no result.

This reputedly strongest force in the world has disappeared in this terrifying force…

Not in line with common sense!

But after this era came, more forces emerged.

No one pays attention to the Lab of the Gods anymore.

It can even be said that those doglegs in the Lab of the Gods have also lost contact with the Lab of the Gods.

They can’t contact the laboratory, let alone know where the laboratory of the gods is…

This is also the reason why Orion Group has invested in Maya Industry.

Otherwise, once they betrayed, the Lab of the Gods would destroy them all.

It can be said that the Lab of the Gods has been replaced.

What Maya industry, imperial organizations, Kunlun industry, etc. replaced the status of the previous laboratories of the gods.

The Lab of the Gods and their biggest opponent Levi disappeared together.

The two sides accounted for more than half of the major news that shocked the world three years ago.

But no one mentions them now!

They were completely forgotten!

The times are changing too fast.

What’s more, the past three years have been transformed…

Someone once said that even if Levi is alive, he will not adapt to this era…

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