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Chapter 2182

“Then shall we participate in the competition?”

Underworld god asked.

The Dark god immediately said: “Of course! I searched for this divine sword for a long time, but now it finally appeared. How can I be indisputable?”

“When the time comes, you will all go! Sarah will go too! I will do it when necessary!”

Dark god said.

The eighteen dark angels were stunned.

Since they knew the Dark god, he had never made a move.

This time it’s going to be shot?

Doesn’t this mean that the Excalibur is very important?

Its value is so great that even the Dark god has been coveted for a long time…

That’s right.

In this era, weapons are equally important, even more important than before.

Not limited to modern weapons, there are many ancient artifacts that have been unearthed one by one.

The battle armors and various machines manufactured by major technological forces are indestructible and will not get through at all.

But some people get ancient artifacts, such as Velador’s swords and swords, Western spears, etc., which are enough to smash these indestructible armors.

With an ancient weapon, your strength will double.

So whenever the artifact comes out, it attracts frenzied snatches from all parties.

Rumor has it that the sun never sets, the empire’s most powerful organization-Excalibur Bureau.

Its treasure is a sword inserted in the stone, called the sword in the stone.

The legend is a divine sword with the power to destroy the world.

But even if someone covets it, he dare not snatch it.

Who would be so stupid as to be an enemy of the most powerful organization of a powerful country?

However, in the past three years, various relics have been unearthed, and pieces of ancient weapons have appeared.

Many people have soared with the strength of ancient weapons and become extremely strong.

Of course, there are some terrifying ancient weapons, which are useless if the ordinary strong get them, and they can’t control them at all.

Because the ancient weapon itself is stronger than you!

You need to be stronger or match it, and be recognized by it to control it!

Such ancient weapons attract the existence of great forces and great horrors…

In particular, there are many such ancient weapons in Velador.

Velador’s rich resources are not a boast!

The divine sword that will appear in Velador in the mouth of the dark god will cause the biggest sensation (about ancient weapons).

Great Xia Kunlun Industry.


Marshal Tiance came to call all the high-level officials together.

“This is the first time I have convened a meeting since I took charge of Kunlun Industry for two years!”

Marshal smiled.

Many of the Kunlun industrial high-level people have already surrendered to Tiance Mansion, and they should be convinced.

This person is too terrifying in terms of strength and skill.

Bring Kunlun Industry to its current height…

They serve!

However, Alton, Common K!lling god, they always believed that the Kunlun industry belonged to Levi.

They all developed to the present according to Levi’s layout.

And the Marshal didn’t do anything…

The development of Kunlun Industry until now has nothing to do with him…

They can easily solve the things he can do.

But Marshal still provided some help.

Alton’s becoming stronger still has something to do with Marshal…

“I am so happy to see you become so strong!”

Marshal smiled.

Hearing that, everyone smiled, and everyone was excited to become stronger.

“Especially Alton, Owen, you guys! It surprised me even more! They are all on the list!”

Young Master Tiance smiled: “This is the benefit of following me! If Levi is here, can you follow him, can you grow so fast?”

Alton heard Marshal say that Levi, and just about to repay, the voice of Marshal came again: “You guys tell me if you are better than Levi back then?”

Alton and the others were silent and nodded one after another.

This is the truth.

They are indeed better than Levi!

This cannot be refuted at all.

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