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Chapter 2181

It’s been three years!

Three full years.

No one understands this kind of pain better than Cthulrun…

This dark cage is really a test.

Your state of mind, your strength, are the ultimate torture.

Even an old guy like Cthulrun couldn’t hold it anymore.

This kind of hopeless thing really makes people crazy.

For a long time, the Evil god Cthulrun retreated for three months and then woke up.

He has never harassed Levi once.

But now he couldn’t help it.

Can’t stand this torture anymore.

He tried his best!

Now he just wanted to wake up Levi to see if he could do anything.

He wants to go out!

But Levi was in retreat, immersed in his own world, ignoring Cthulrun at all.

“Sir? Mister, do you still have to retreat? How long will you have?”

“Are you going to retreat for several years again?”

Levi still did not respond.

After hitting that punch in the first year, Levi has been in retreat for the past two years.

There is no action.


Cthulrun is really scared!

Because after Levi’s retreat, his breath was getting weaker and weaker.

Now Levi’s body can be said to be completely devoid of breath!

This made Cthulrun very scared…

Other people’s retreat breath is getting stronger and stronger, but Levi is getting weaker and weaker, and it’s gone now.

The Cthulrun itself is an expert!

Of course he could find that Levi didn’t deliberately conceal his breath, he just lost his breath.

Just like Taoist Nirvana, Buddha’s passing away…

If Levi’s breath gets stronger and stronger, Cthulrun still holds a glimmer of hope.

But what happened to Levi now?

Is there any hope if this continues?

Cthulrun was very anxious.

In the next few days he was venting frantically…

Use all kinds of tricks to bombard the wall in front of you…

He wants to commit suicide now…

But even bombarding a wall is better than being tortured.

But no matter how the Cthulrun tossed, Levi still did not wake up in retreat.

There was no breath at all, just like a dead man.

This made Cthulrun simply assume that Levi no longer exists.

Do your own thing.

When the dark god in the new place sensed everything that happened in the dark cage, he couldn’t help but sneer: “It’s just a dying struggle! No matter how long the retreat is, there will be no result!”

The evil god next to him asked: “god of darkness, how do you open this dark cage? Didn’t you say that there is no mechanism? Do you rely on pure strength to open it?”

But the dark god smiled and said: “No! You don’t know where this dark cage comes from! I can’t open it by pure strength alone!”

“Then if Levi surrendered to you, how would you open it?”

“Yes, won’t it be impossible to open it forever?”

Others said one after another.

“No! I can open it with the help of an artifact!”

“I once got a magic sword from Velador! With this magic sword I can split the dark cage! I used this magic sword to k!ll a founder of the Gods Lab! So the Gods Lab is right I am still afraid!”

“But to be honest, it’s the first time I have used the dark cage! Unfortunately, Levi is not what I expected after all! The dark cage is wasted!”

Dark god said.

The evil gods smiled and said, “That means that no one can open the dark cage except this knife, and even someone like Levi who relies solely on his fists?”

The Dark god meditated: “That’s right, but it’s not all right! As far as I know, Velador also has a magic sword that is comparable to the magic sword in my hand! Having this sword matches my level of strength. You can open the dark cage!”

“That’s still the same, Levi doesn’t have this divine sword, let alone your strength! He will never come out forever!”

Underworld god smiled.

“I am not interested in Levi now, but Velador’s divine sword is said to be coming out…”

The dark god looks yearning.

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