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Chapter 2185

Cthulrun was going to despair.

But seeing Levi moving in a daze, he instantly ignited hope.

He hurriedly called Levi.

But Levi remained motionless.

He kept calling Levi without any response.

Did you read it wrong?

Is it wrong?


The Fire Cloud Cthulhu is really going crazy!

This is equivalent to breaking a pot of cold water for the Cthulrun.

It directly extinguished his hope.

This is also the most tormenting.

The hope is ignited, and it is instantly extinguished.

The evil god Cthulrun lay on the ground again, giving up everything…

His brain is blank, completely emptying himself…

But he was right.

Levi did move just now.

But Levi is still in a state of retreat…

Haven’t woken up yet.

But it doesn’t matter to the Cthulrun.

He is dying here…

The news of Divine Sword spread all over the world, and all parties felt the pressure.

Especially the pressure of Velador’s forces doubled.

After all, the unearthed divine sword was in Velador, and they would definitely fight for it.

But now there are too many competitors, and the big foreign powers are also rushing in madly.

At this moment, it is located in the Garrison Clan’s villa in Capital.

The first family of this once era was extremely devastated after being swept by Levi.

Especially Lawrence was banished to a small town in the north, and he would never take a step forward.

Patriarch Edgar was devastated and sickened.

When the times change and opportunities come, the Garrison Clan is still in despair.

He was even humiliated and bullied by a lot of people. He was directly removed from the big clan in Capital and became the object of scolding.

But no one thought…

In the third year, the ancient Garrison clan emerged.

It turned out that the Garrison clan scattered everywhere in Velador came from the inheritance of the Garrison clan.

It’s just the difference between thick and light blood.

However, the Jinvale Garrison Clan is the most orthodox line of the Garrison clan’s ancient clan, and even said they are the descendants of the Garrison clan’s exile.

The ancient Garrison clan is super super strong!

The legend is comparable to the Trex clan!

As old as the Trex clan!

There are even rumors that the ancient Garrison clan almost became one of the Trex clan back then!

It was just because of many reasons that the ancient Garrison clan failed the election and did not become one of the Trex clan…

There is a saying: The ancient Garrison clan is not afraid of the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion!

The emergence of the ancient Garrison clan made Velador tremble, and the whole world was shocked.

After the ancient Garrison clan came out of the mountain, they went to the Jinvale clan as soon as possible.

When they saw the desolation and decline of the Capital clan, they almost died of anger.

Their descendants turned out to be such a waste…

As a result, members of the ancient Garrison clan who came out of the mountain revived the Garrison clan in Capital.

They swept the enemies of the Garrison Clan in Capital, plundering resources and status.

They also gathered all the Garrison clan scattered all over Velador.

The ancient Garrison clan wants to build the No. 1 power in Great Xia!

For example, Lawrence, his father, who was exiled by Levi, was also summoned back to the capital.

Originally Lawrence was timid, but Levi had disappeared for three years, and the ancient Garrison clan was super strong.

So Lawrence resolutely left the confinement city and returned directly to the capital.

Garrison Tianlin of the Garrison Clan in Capital and Edgar, the nominal grandfather of Levi, had their stubborn illnesses cured one by one.

The ancient Garrison clan transformed everyone’s physique and bloodline, taught them the supreme techniques of the ancient Garrison clan, and quickly created the ultimate powerhouse.

Especially Lawrence all turned into strong people.

Those young geniuses who used to be in the Garrison family got the opportunity even more fiercely.

The Garrison Clan, which has been declining for a while, has become a super giant, not to mention adapting to this era, it has become the top existence.

The horror of the ancient Garrison clan is not in their own strength, but in control of everything!

They arbitrarily make the Garrison Clan the top existence.

But in fact, what the ancient Garrison clan came out of this time was only the tip of the iceberg…

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