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Chapter 2186

The core and inner details of the ancient Garrison clan have never come out of the mountain.

This time the ancient Garrison clan came out to lead the team by Salen, known as the first genius in the clan.

To put it bluntly, a young man brought a team of young people out of the mountain.

Although they are ancient races, these young people are all in their teens and twenties.

In this way, a group of young people from the ancient Garrison clan created the top position of the Garrison clan.

Who can imagine the true background of the ancient Garrison clan?

That was the ancient race that almost became the Trex clan back then. god knows how powerful it is.

There are even rumors that there is a peerless existence in the ancient Garrison clan!

The existence that the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion must be afraid of!

The portrait of this existence is hung in the ancestral hall of the Garrison Clan in Jinvale.

In fact, there are many portraits hung in the ancestral halls of the Garrison ethnic group in Capital.

Even Edgar and Garrison Tianlin don’t know who they are…

These portraits are so old, some have fallen off, and they can’t be seen clearly.

But it keeps hanging here…

Until now they finally understand that this is the ancestors of the ancient Garrison clan.

These portraits are all theirs.

These portraits are their family heritage, but they don’t know it.

After Salen and others arrived, they pushed Garrison Clan to the top position of Velador in one fell swoop.

Lawrence also showed off his wrist, assisting Salen to expand his territory a little bit…make Garrison Clan more and more powerful.

Lawrence regained his former demeanor and became a hero of the generation!

The same is true for Edgar!

came back!

Everything about the Garrison Clan is back!

This is much stronger than before!

The Garrison Clan now ignores everything and develops horizontally.

Salen even said: No fear of Tiance Mansion and Trex clan.

Even if something really happened, he could settle it.

Not to mention the true background of the ancient Garrison clan, Salen alone is an open existence.

After coming out of the mountain, sweep all opponents.

There are eight or nine masters on the list of gods k!lled by him.

He is the one who made the biggest change in the god list!

Because he k!lled a strong leader, a new leader must join, and the leader must be updated.

Salen is now the top three in the gods list!

Salen was too arrogant, no one looked at him, no one was afraid.

Who do you see!

Also had a slap with Marshal!

He is very ambitious.

He threatened to wait for his father’s ancestors to push all the forces horizontally before they came out of the mountain, pushing the Garrison Clan to the first place.

The meaning is simple, he wants the Garrison Clan to be invincible in the world.

Everyone can only open one eye to Salen’s arrogance.

It’s too strong after all!

Not only Salen is strong, but the other young people of the ancient Garrison clan he brought out are also strong.

No one can do anything with him!

The Garrison Clan’s expansion plan is still frantically continuing.

Achieve significant results.

The Garrison people held a celebration banquet.

Lawrence was still showing Edgar and the others his strength. He laughed and said: “It is not an exaggeration to say! Even if the peak Levi is in front of me, I can punch him to death!”

That’s right, Salen gave Lawrence a great opportunity.

Lawrence is also a super strong now.

Hearing this, Salen not only asked: “I haven’t asked a question all the time. What about Xavion? In fact, his father’s generation has noticed him a long time ago! It is a rare seedling! he?”

How strong are the seedlings that can be valued by the ancient Garrison clan?

But after hearing this question, Lawrence and others trembled fiercely, and the smiles on their faces disappeared.

“Chen’er… he died early…”

Lawrence said sadly.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Salen looked surprised.

“He was k!lled by my other son, Levi!”

Salen’s face changed wildly: “Is that Levi who drove the Garrison Clan into hell?”

He knew Levi.

“Yes, it’s Levi!!!”

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