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Chapter 2187

Edgar and others gritted their teeth.

What Levi brought to them was destruction.

It was he who drove the Garrison Clan into hell with one hand…

Without Levi, their Garrison Clan would not decay, and would not become a rat crossing the street that everyone yelled at.

During that time, they not only failed to reflect on what they had done to Levi and Ollie.

On the contrary, the hatred towards Levi is getting deeper and deeper!

Especially Lawrence, who had been confined to a small town for a lifetime.

They are now stronger, their first idea is to find Levi’s revenge!

But Levi has disappeared for three years.

Is gone.

They can’t get revenge!

So everyone has never mentioned Levi.

Today Lawrence mentioned by chance that he felt that he was stronger than Levi at the time.

Now all Garrison people thought of Levi.

The hatred deep in their hearts was all aroused.

At the mention of Levi, each of them blushed and his neck was thick and murderous.

“How dare he k!ll his own people?”

Salen’s expression was extremely gloomy.

“How dare he? How did he do this kind of deception and annihilation of the ancestors and massacre of the same race?”

Salen looked savage, and the flesh on his face was trembling crazily.

For this ancient tribe, family rules are the most important.

Especially within the clan must not k!ll each other!

This violated the strictest family rules!

“Not only that! He also forced Lawrence’s wife Mona to death, and single-handedly shut Lawrence in the northern border forever, and threw us Garrison Clan into hell…”

Edgar and others began to count all Levi’s crimes, a dozen of them.

But nothing about everything they did before…

“How can such a scum be worthy of my Garrison family? How can they be worthy of the Garrison family name? k!ll, k!ll, k!ll!!!”

“Damn it! It’s so damn! Where is Levi? I have always heard that he is a man of the past few years! Where has he gone?”

Salen was completely angered.

I can’t wait to k!ll Levi immediately.

Lawrence said immediately: “Little ancestor, I have checked that Levi, the evil child, has disappeared for three years! Most likely he is dead! He has never disappeared for so long!”

That’s right.

Salenzhiliu’s seniority is very high.

“What about people related to Levi?”

“According to the family rules, others will be responsible for the mistakes made by Levi!”

Salen revealed a ruthless touch.

“Levi’s daughter Aubery and his mother are said to be in Tiance Mansion!”

Salen nodded, “Is that the one with the highest talent in Tiance Mansion?”


“This can’t be moved, Tiance Mansion is fully protecting it! Other people can’t move it!”

Lawrence was humane.

“Who said that the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion cannot move?”

As soon as Salen’s domineering words came out, everyone in the Garrison Clan was excited.

Does the ancient Garrison clan really have the ability to break the wrist with the Trex clan of Tiance Mansion?

Lawrence was very smart, and immediately saw the clues from Salen’s face.

Salen said that, just to not lose face.

But it’s actually not the same thing…

It just has the strength to attack Tiance Mansion and Trex clan.

It’s not completely crushed.

Salen was nothing more than mouth-heavy.

Lawrence said immediately: “Little ancestor, it is impossible to get into conflict with Tiance Mansion for a child! We will not move this child for the time being! But we can move Levi’s wife!”

“Who is his wife?”

Salen asked.

“Sarah! But she is a murderous madman now! She is even Velador’s public enemy! Tiance Mansion ordered her to step into Velador forever, violate and k!ll it!”

“Sarah is now eighth on the gods list!”

Lawrence immediately introduced plum dye.

Salen nodded: “Well, I know her! That’s good! Levi violated the family rules, and all punishments to his family will be the responsibility!”

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