His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2135

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Chapter 2135

Qin Ruo, who hung up, remembered Chu Yuan’s number again. She used to record other people’s mobile phone numbers instead of her address book. It might also be because she felt that she kept the number in her head. It may be safer here. When you are in danger, you can directly call for help without going through the address book.

Xu Shi’s experience of living alone abroad made her stay a little wary.

Turning off the phone, Qin Ruo glanced over someone’s face and smiled. She blew her hair, walked to the computer on the side, searched and entered an address.


a country that has not joined Interpol.

Luo Youyou’s children have grown up, and Alisha Lan’s children have changed every day. The clothes that have only been worn for a few months have changed for a while and they can’t be worn. The children’s clothes are updated too quickly. , The two young couples put away their clothes because they thought that Ameli Su’s child had not been born yet, and they didn’t know the man and woman. These clothes could be used at that time, or it would be a waste.

Luo Youyou drank the soup made by Sakura Kurosawa, while Mother Luo was helping to knit small socks for the child. She knitted three pairs in total, “This is for Luo Xin, this is for Alisha Lan’s baby. And this one is for Xiaoyan.”

Eldon Valles looked at his mother-in-law, and suddenly thought of his mother.

The case of Mrs. Sakihara’s murder on the spot is being tried by the court process. She cannot escape from jail. She regards death as home, and she is not afraid that she will pay a price if she wants to come.

What was the mother’s mind at the time?

She must be thinking so that she can sit with Luo Youyou happily and talk about the child.

Perceiving Eldon Valles’s lonely sight, Luo Youyou put down the spoon and asked, “Come here and sit Kurosawa.”

“I will come after I wash the dishes.” Sakura Kurosawa put the dishes in the disinfection cabinet. What’s wrong, is the soup bad?”

Luo Youyou shook his head and said with a smile, “No, I just think my mother is lonely knitting socks, don’t you?”

Mother Luo seemed to feel what Luo Youyou wanted to express, and then said, “Yes, oops. , You said that we are alone, Lisa Tang is also a person, Qiqi and their family are a lot of things, alas… thinking about holding a baby with in-laws, there is no expectation.”

Eldon Valles thought Luo Mother was detesting herself, her eyes lowered, “Sorry, my mother…”

“When I was a child , I was still a genius boy with the same fame as Christian. How can my brain become stupid now?” Luo Youyou deliberately poked forward. His mind said, “I misunderstood what my mother meant. What my mother meant was to wait for your mother to come out and knit socks for our children!”

The light in Sakura Kurosawa’s eyes suddenly lit up, unbelievable. Looking at his mother-in-law.

Mother Luo is pampered. Unlike Aunt Lisa Tang, who has experienced strong winds and waves, she has amazing resilience in her eyes. On the contrary, Mother Luo has always been so gentle and kind, and now she has a lot of love in her eyes. She said, “I am so tired of knitting socks by myself. , Wait for your mother to be okay someday, let’s knit socks for the child together, one on the left and the other on the right, and we can compare with someone else’s craftsmanship, which is also a relief!”

Eldon Valles sniffed, yes Did Luo Youyou and her mother notice his discomfort? The mother and daughter turned around like this to comfort him.

Can his mother, who is desperately fighting with Sakurahara’s father, be accepted by the Luo Youyou family?

When looking at Luo Youyou’s eyes, Sakura Kurosawa had already got the answer to this question.

He gritted his teeth, his heart was sour, sad, and moved, “Yoyou, do you really dislike my mother and she is charged with her …” “She is a mother, and I am also a mother. Mother knows mother best.”

Mother knows mother best . .

The murderous Mrs. Sakihara, this sin, is it not the most unspeakable love of her most desolate and unspeakable.

Luo Youyou stretched out the bowl, “I’m finished! Let’s have another bowl!”

Luo Xin babbled in the crib, and Luo Youyou laughed noisily, Eldon Valles clenched his fingers.

My mother, I am very happy now, and I will use my whole life to protect this happiness…

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