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Chapter 2190

There is one person who knows how terrifying the Heavenly Sword is!

That is the dark god!

Because the earth sword matching the sky sword is in his hand.

The Dark god can say this: No one understands the power of the sword and the sword better than me!

Even the dark cage can be split open, do you say fierce?

“Three days later is the day when the Heavenly Sword was born! I am bound to win the Heavenly Sword! You must fight for it with all your strength!”

“From now on, you will enter Velador!”

“Especially you! You must do your best!”

Dark god looked at Sarah and ordered.

Today’s Sarah has been honed by the Dark god into the most perfect killing machine.

She has almost no emotion, the only emotion is revenge!

In the past three years, the Dark god has been instilling revenge on Sarah.

It is true that the Lab of the Gods disappeared.

But the concept that the Dark god instilled in Sarah was that he and Sarah eliminated the powerhouses in the laboratory of the gods one by one.

During the period, the Dark god arranged a lot of powerhouses who faked the laboratories of the gods and let Sarah k!ll them one by one.

Make her think she has revenge.

In the end, the Dark god brought Sarah to the fake Gods Lab headquarters.

Let Sarah see the destruction of the Lab of the Gods with his own eyes!

Let her think that Levi had revenge!

This makes Sarah more convinced of the Dark god and completely reduced to a murderous machine.

Also listen more to the words of the dark god.

It is even said that Sarah only listens to the words of the dark god.

Not only that.

Dark god also instilled other enemies for Sarah!

Many people in Velador, such as Alton, Wesley, Common Killer god, and Tiance Mansion, were portrayed by him as hypocritical people, and they secretly framed Levi.

There is an inescapable responsibility for Levi’s death!

So these people are now Sarah’s enemies!

She wanted to k!ll these people long ago!

Originally, Marshal of Tiance had designated Sarah as Velador’s enemy.

Coupled with Sarah’s various revenge and indiscriminate killing of innocents, she is now Velador’s public enemy.

If she hadn’t been found, she wouldn’t know how many times she would have been hunted down.

Not only that, but some big figures from all over the world were portrayed as enemies by the Dark god, and Sarah didn’t know how many he k!lled.

Now she is the public enemy of the whole world!

He is also the most dangerous one on the list of gods.

Everyone gets punishable!

So now it is very difficult for Sarah to send out to perform the task.

Therefore, it is of little use value for the dark god.

Now he was going to use Logan Zi to dye one last time, and after winning the Heaven Sword, he gave up on her.

“This time the battle for the sky sword! The hypocritical guys in Velador will definitely fight for the sky sword! At that time, we will join hands to wipe out these hypocritical guys!”

The dark god uses plum dye again.

There was light in Sarah’s eyes when he heard that all those enemies were going to go.

That is the look of revenge!

Sarah didn’t doubt the words of the dark god.

Because the dark god promised her to do everything before, she firmly believed that the dark god would not lie to herself.

“Understood! I must win the Heavenly Sword for Master, and then k!ll all the hypocritical enemies!”

Plum dyed.

Later, Sarah, the Eighteen Dark Angels and other strong men from the Bible Organization entered the Great Summer in advance.

The dark god left only one underworld god.

Come for his use.

“Dark god, you also want to enter Velador, will you participate in the competition yourself?”

Underworld god asked.

The Dark god shook his head: “No! I can go everywhere in the world! But Velador alone can’t go!”

Underworld god was shocked when he heard it, and asked in surprise: “Why?”

“Because my biggest enemy is in Velador! I can’t go to Velador without gathering all the swords and swords!”

Dark god explained.


Underworld god became more and more shocked.

He actually saw fear in the eyes of the dark god…

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