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Chapter 2192

Deliberately letting everyone in is to write down everyone’s identity information as much as possible.

This is equivalent to all being under the control of Tiance Mansion.

Those who came are still strong from all over the world.

This is conducive to Tiance Mansion’s control of the future situation.

After all, knowing oneself and one another can survive a hundred battles.

“What? Sarah is here? Okay, always pay attention! Don’t be scared for the time being!”

“There is a surprise this time, not only to win the heavenly sword, but also to get rid of many enemies!”

Marshal smiled.

The other side.

Case York.

Aubery has been with grandpa and grandma these days.

Hearing that the Heavenly Sword was born, Aubery also wanted to join in the fun.

This time she came out, she was experienced.

Just take this opportunity to see if I can find clues to my parents.

So Aubery also went to the place where the Heavenly Sword was about to be born.

But she didn’t take her grandma and grandparents with them anymore.

Dangerous things after all.

Aubery may not be able to take care of it, so she went straight alone.

Seeing Aubery walking alone, the ancestors in the dark all sighed: “Aubery has grown up!”

They are also more relieved.

But also depressed.

Aubery growing up means to be separated from them.

“No way, Aubery has to shoulder some of the responsibilities she should shoulder! We can only provide a little help, we can’t protect her for life!”

The female ancestor sighed.

The place where the Heavenly Sword came out was in the snow-capped mountains in the northern boundary of Velador.

A place of extreme coldness.

Because the Heavenly Sword is the sword of the most talented, it can actually be hidden and breathless in such a place of the most yin and cold, and it will not be discovered for so long.

Otherwise, the breath of the sword of the sun would have leaked out long ago.

Therefore, the Heavenly Sword will not be discovered for so long.

If it hadn’t been for a certain energy organization to excavate energy materials, they would not find it here.

But because the sky sword is in a very deep and deep place, it is not easy to dig, so the time of excavation has been pushed back and forth.

This time has been confirmed.

At noon tomorrow, also when the sun is blazing, the Heavenly Sword will come out.

The day before, this area was full of countless strong people.

There are countless strong people coming.

More people gather.

Many people are already fighting and killing.

After all, there are people from all over the world, and it is easy to encounter their own enemies.

The Heavenly Sword has not yet come out, and the killings continue.

A corpse is placed everywhere…

It’s like purgatory…

However, the real big forces are all on the stage at the last moment, and they will never appear the day before.

But many have already arrived.

It’s just hiding in the dark.

Aubery also arrived here the day before.

Many people saw Aubery a little girl and wanted to bully her, but Aubery beat him back.

to be honest.

This is the one who can’t be bullied this time.

Secretly followed several ancestors.

However, Aubery was still smart and low-key enough to hide himself without attracting much attention.

Otherwise she will be the focus early.

At this moment, the old lair of the Bible organization, the dark cage.

The Cthulrun Evil god has passed out.

He couldn’t live on such a life as good as death. After all the torture, he let go of himself and died.

Has been fainting for a long time.

His breath dissipated a little bit.

It was different from Levi’s breath dissipating.

He is losing his vitality, and when he loses his breath, Cthulrun will also die.


But at this moment, Cthulrun suddenly felt a terrifying energy fluctuation.

He was immediately awakened in a fainted state.

Soon he knew where this energy fluctuation came from…

Levi next to you!

At this moment, Levi is as hot as the sun, and the terrifying energy is getting stronger and stronger, just as the sun is getting closer and closer to the evil god of fire cloud, and the heat is getting more and more terrifying…

Oh My god! ! !

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