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Chapter 2193

Cthulrun felt that he was about to be melted by this terrible energy.

He couldn’t bear it at all!

If nothing is guarded, he will disappear immediately.

Cthulrun was stimulated by this energy, and he also recovered.

He hurriedly used all his best to resist the terrible energy fluctuations emanating from Levi’s body.

what happened?

What’s wrong?

In the past two years, Levi’s breath of retreat has become weaker and weaker, and in the end he has no breath.

Like the dead monk.

Cthulrun would not wake up no matter how he called, he would be Levi dying.

But how could such a powerful energy burst out of him at this time?


Is there any hope?

Is his retreat going to end?

But it was too late for him to think, and terrible energy bombarded him.

It directly made his throat sweet and full of bruises.

Cthulrun was stunned!

This is just a breath overflow, it is such a terrifying energy fluctuation.

It is no exaggeration to say that Levi is like the sun.

The aura exuding from his body turned into terrible energy and burned and melted Cthulrun.


The Cthulrun felt that his body’s skin was cracking, his body’s organs were about to explode, and his soul was about to be pulled away.

He felt the extreme pain.

Cthulrun was actually considered a two-year retreat.

Much stronger than before.

Now he does everything he can to block this energy fluctuation in actual combat.


Although he was struggling to resist, the blood overflowed in the delicious food, more and more.


The pain is getting stronger and stronger, and the soul will be torn apart.

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu used the strongest defense in his life to resist this energy fluctuation.

But he screamed louder and louder, and the blood was getting more and more, and there were wounds on his body.

Cthulrun has never received such a death threat in his life.

But this is just the energy fluctuation of Levi’s body.

If his real energy escapes, how strong will it be?

have no idea.

Anyway, the evil god Cthulrun must be instantly shattered and turned into nothingness…

Can’t even leave a scum.

Unimaginable horror!

Cthulrun’s whole person was trembling, he was terrified, really terrified.

Levi’s whole body is getting hotter and hotter, as if the sun is about to press on the Cthulrun.

What Cthulrun didn’t know was that earth-shaking changes had taken place outside the dark cage.

Red lightning raged in mid-air, making terrible sounds.

It’s as if the world is angry.


The Cthulrun screamed hysterically.

His body is about to explode!

He is dying.

In fact, he always wanted to die, and finally let go of himself.

But now that he felt the energy fluctuations in Levi’s body, he felt hopeful again.

He doesn’t want to die!

He wants to live!

But the hot energy in front of him would tear him to pieces.


At the moment when Cthulrun’s body exploded, all of the energy suddenly retracted, all of it retracted into Levi’s body.

In an instant, the pressure on Cthulrun disappeared.

At the moment of life and death, the Evil god Cthulrun was rescued.

“Huh! Huh!”

He was gasping for breath…

He has died once…

At this time, he saw Levi, who was closed, suddenly opened his eyes. There seemed to be lightning in his eyes, as if the stars turned upside down and the universe shattered.

What kind of look is that!

This look seemed to penetrate his soul!


too strong!

It’s so outrageous!

This experience is unprecedented!


He felt Levi’s transformation.

There was an ethereal aura on his body, as if it merged with everything in the world.

That feeling is very, very strange.

This feeling has only been experienced in Master Levi…

“Sir, your retreat is over?”

Cthulrun asked excitedly.


Finally there is a response.

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