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Chapter 2198

The other strong men of the Bible organization did not appear with Sarah.

They are all hiding in the dark.

After all, in the past three years, the Bible organization has not come forward.

They used to be extremely low-key, and no one paid attention to them except the Lab of the Gods and Levi.

Even now, few people know about the Bible organization.

Now they attract attention with Sarah, and then the rest of the strong will attack together.

As soon as Sarah appeared, most of the forces in the field were very angry.

Most of the forces have an unshakable hatred with Sarah!

So when I saw her, I always braved the anger.

Can’t wait to dye the plums and peel the skin cramps.

In the past three years, the Dark god used plum dye to k!ll too many people, and set up one enemy after another.

It can be said that Sarah is the one who has established the most enemies in this era!

These people could not wait to k!ll her immediately when they saw her.

“Little ancestor! The plum is dyed!”

Lawrence and the others immediately looked at Sarah.

Salen glanced at Sarah: “Okay! I know! After getting the Heaven Sword, I will be the first to take her to sacrifice the sword!”

“You are optimistic, absolutely can’t let her leave!”

Salen exhorted a few more words.

In fact, most of the forces present are the same.

I want to k!ll Sarah.

Some wanted to k!ll Sarah after getting the Heavenly Sword.

Some wanted to k!ll Sarah in the process of snatching the Heavenly Sword.

But everyone’s purpose is very unified-except to fight for the Heavenly Sword, to punish Sarah.

“Sarah, you are finally here! This time you still want to snatch the Heavenly Sword? You must die!”

Marshal stared at Sarah closely: “Have I said that I will k!ll you when you enter Velador! This is what you asked for! Today, you can’t live without Velador!”

Wenia looked complicated.

It is really embarrassing for them to face Sarah!

Isn’t it killing?

Not letting go!

It’s difficult to be public or private…

Are they killing plums later?

Or help her escape?

Nothing works!

Sarah did not speak.

It just so happened that she didn’t plan to go out alive today.

She wants to k!ll all the remaining enemies…

A glance at the past, they are all hypocritical enemies!


k!ll all!

Help Master get the Heavenly Sword again!

She is also worth it!


Aubery in the dark looked excited when he saw Sarah.

She almost yelled out loud.

If it hadn’t been for the deep cultivation in Tiance Mansion these years, I was afraid that Aubery would have been unable to control the moment he saw Sarah.

She can now see that there is obviously a problem with Sarah.

And she is going out to meet Sarah, and I guess I will cause a lot of trouble.

She wants to control it.

I’ll talk about it later.

This embarrassed the ancestors in the dark.

“What should we do? If something happens to Aubery’s mother later, shall we take action?”

The female ancestor asked a sharp question.


The other ancestors were also stunned.

They are very embarrassed because of their identity and overall consideration.

“We only look at Aubery’s safety, others have nothing to do with us! Only Aubery is in danger, we will take action! This is the rule that we negotiated after we came out! It cannot be broken!”

Someone said.

“But this is Aubery’s mother. If something happens to her, how sad will Aubery be?”

The female ancestor shook her head: “That can only be said to be the destiny of Aubery! Our protection of Aubery’s safety, nothing else!”

“Yes, Aubery is in danger, we must take action! Not even the ancient Garrison clan!”

“Well, well, understand!”

Everyone nodded.

The principle cannot be changed!

Others had an accident, even if Aubery cried loudly, they would not act.

The strong stepped out and surrounded this place tightly, everywhere.

Next, the Zhiyang breath became more and more pure, and the Heavenly Sword was about to come out…

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