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Chapter 2197

Others smiled: “I’m afraid it’s killing Sarah, we won’t be able to get involved!”

Marshal nodded.

He knew that Salen and Garrison Clan would definitely k!ll Sarah.

It is not their turn.

Even Sarah is Velador’s public enemy, Velador’s top ten forces want to get rid of them quickly.

Killing Sarah will also add reputation to yourself.

Everyone wants to fight for this reputation.


You really have to line up to k!ll Sarah!

Marshal has deployed everything, he wants to control the field and control everything.

This evening, everyone could already clearly feel the sun aura of the Heavenly Sword, and it was gradually sweeping here.

It is obviously deep in the ice field, but everyone can’t feel the cold.

It’s weird.

Countless forces came quietly that night, and bloody battles continued.

The next day.

The day when Heavenly Sword was truly unearthed has arrived.

One big force finally came.

The Garrison Clan, who claims to be the first force, is here.

Headed by Salen stood high, ignoring sentient beings, and didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

The Garrison Clan powerhouse behind him is also coming menacingly.

Today, for this heavenly sword, he is also bound to win.

Immediately afterwards, the major forces appeared one by one.

Especially the ten top forces in Velador, all came one by one.

These ten top forces, except for three, are directly ancient races, and they become the top in one fell swoop.

Most of the rest are the same as the Garrison Clan, with the support of the ancient clan or the big figures behind it, which pushed the original family to the top.

For example, Willard Wrigt, the former royal family in Capital, was still Sarah’s righteous husband at the time.

Now people behind these families have emerged and pushed to the top in one fell swoop.

Of course there are new top forces emerging!

There are also alliance forces formed by uniting the powerful from all sides.

This force includes Levi’s acquaintances-Shura god of War, Sylvia and so on.

After this era comes, martial arts families with good foundations are more likely to take off and become popular.

Shura god of War and Sylvia also got various adventures and became the top powerhouses in this world.

They even jointly prepared the Great Xia League.

Ranked among the top ten forces in Velador!

It can even be said that among the top ten forces, the Great Xia League is the most threatening to Salen.

But once Salen had the Heaven Sword, the top ten forces would no longer be a threat.


The imperial organization appeared.

This is the first to take its place after the disappearance of the Lab of the Gods.

All aspects are similar to the Lab of the Gods.

Focus on science and technology, own the top technology, and master super powerful power and economy.

Soon after, Orion Group also appeared.

They have also developed very quickly, with Maya Industry as their backing, and they have become the world’s top power in one fell swoop.

Representatives of Maya Industry also appeared…

Great forces from all over the world appeared one after another…

There were constant exclamations in the field.

Seeing such a strong person appear.

Many people feel cold.

Everyone originally came for picking up the leaks, what if they fell into their own hands?

But now that so many powerhouses have turned out, they have no chance at all.

It can be said that this time when the Heavenly Sword was born, nearly half of the powerhouses in the gods’ list came.

How to play this?

Does anyone else have a chance?



“Look at it!!!”

Suddenly the atmosphere in the court changed drastically, and everyone exclaimed.

It turned out that the four blood ancestors of the blood clan came together.

Their arrival has scared many people.

After all, the Heavenly Sword is a weapon that can restrain them.

They will definitely come to snatch it!

“Look! Devil Sarah! She is here?”

Then someone saw Sarah appear.

One after another exclaimed.

Sarah has been too famous in the past three years, and her appearance caused an uproar.

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