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Chapter 2201

The power of the Sky Sword was heard and imagined before.

But this time everyone intuitively felt the power of the sky sword.

The dozen or so strong men who blocked Sarah just now.

If Sarah didn’t have the Heavenly Sword, it would take at least ten minutes to k!ll.

With the Heavenly Sword, Sarah k!lled more than a dozen people with a single sword.

This is so delightful.

It also became more and more determined that everyone was determined to grab the Sky Sword.

In a small space, battles continue.

Everyone is crazy the same.

However, Sarah held the Heavenly Sword and was secretly protected by the major experts in the Bible organization, and step by step, he slew out of the cave.

Sarah became more and more proficient in using the Heaven Sword, and his power became more and more amazing.

The Heavenly Sword reached Sarah’s hands, which directly raised her to a higher level.

This is still the case without integration.

If you can really use the Heavenly Sword, the power can be imagined.

All parties can attack and snatch again and again.

But no benefits were obtained.

The four blood ancestors were even injured by Sarah.

on the ground.

Marshal and Salen were all waiting.

There are even hundreds of powerful people waiting in the dark.

They rushed in without a brain.

Anyway, the first one to rush in, may not be able to take away.

Also look at the timing…

Marshal and Salen stood at the entrance of the cave. They looked at each other and said with a smile: “Guess who can take the Heavenly Sword out?”

“Isn’t it Sarah?”

The two guessed at the same time that Sarah.


The next moment, Sarah rose to the sky.

“Sure enough! Stop him!”

Marshal and Salen jumped up at the same time, and they each used a punch to forcefully bombard Sarah.

Sarah was forced to flee.

The four great generals, the strong man of Tiance Mansion, Kunlun Industry and the strong man arranged by the young commander of Tiance took action together.

The strong Garrison Clan also shot.

They stubbornly stopped Sarah, blocking her escape route.

See the sky sword in Sarah’s hands.

At this time, the remaining strong men who were hiding in the dark couldn’t bear it anymore, and they all came out one by one.

Dyeing away at the plum.

Soon, those strong men who jumped into the depths of the ice sheet all rushed out.

The scene was chaotic for a while.

Thousands of powerful men are fighting each other.

Although the Heavenly Sword is a hot potato, Sarah will definitely attract the strongest attack when holding it.

To put it bluntly, they are all mobs.

I want to get it for myself, everyone has an idea.

Thousands of powerful people rob things together, not a united force.

All individuals!

For a while, Sarah was really helpless.

It’s so cool to let Sarah k!ll with a heavenly sword in his hand!

Knowing that I can’t leave for the time being.

So Sarah finds his “enemy” for revenge.

k!lled all at once…

Salen, Marshal, these are also fighting on their own.

I feel that there are enemies everywhere, and I can’t k!ll them at all.

Not to mention touching the sky sword in Sarah’s hands.

“Strong! It deserves to be the Great Summer Sword comparable to my Dongdao Demon Sword Village Masaru! Strong enough!”

Several figures stood on the mountain top in the distance.

The young man headed praised.

He is a strong man from the East Island.

It only appeared in the past two years.

It is the representative of the ancient forces on the East Island!

He has a demon sword that is comparable to Velador’s sword, Mura Masa.

He is extremely terrifying!

Top three on the god list!

He was actually here long ago.

It’s just that when he came to Velador this time, he didn’t come to fight for the heavenly sword, but just wanted to see the power of the heavenly sword.

There are still a few strong men like him.

They are all observing in secret, just want to see the power of the sky sword.

Aubery is also observing in secret.

Sarah is not in danger, she will not take action.

“Let Heavenly Sword leave first!”

At this time, the strong man in the Bible organization wanted Sarah to take Heavenly Sword away.

They forced a hole…

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