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Chapter 2202

Now the parties are fighting, and it seems that the strong are like clouds, but they are not united and have different ideas.

Therefore, the biblical organization can easily open a hole.

Sarah glanced at the “enemies” and resolutely turned and left.

Upon seeing this, the Marshal shouted: “Everyone is not the time for us to fight each other! We should unite and take back the Heavenly Sword from the Demon Head! Let’s fight for us again!”

The words of the young commander of Tiance were greeted by everyone.

“Yes! The Heavenly Sword can fall into anyone’s hands! But it must never fall into Sarah’s hands!”

“Everyone first grab the Heavenly Sword from Sarah’s hands!”

“All of us must unite a little bit and k!ll Sarah to win the Heavenly Sword first!”

Even Salen responded to this suggestion: “Attention everyone, there are Sarah’s companions helping us! We can’t fight anymore! We will run away if we fight Sarah!”



Joined forces.

Except for Sarah’s side, the rest were basically teamed up.

Thousands of powerful people together pressed Logan Zi to dye them.

The pressure of Sarah increased immediately.

Despite the blessing of the Heavenly Sword, he could face too many powerful people at once.

She gradually lost support.

The biggest threats to him are Salen and Marshal.

These two outsiders want to come, but they won’t cooperate anyway.

But at this moment, they even joined hands.

This is probably what the Dark god never expected.

He expects everything and arranges everything well.

Only did not expect that the two would work together.



Salen and Marshal attacked Sarah one after another.


Although Sarah is super powerful, he can face both attacks at the same time.

Suffered instantly.


He was injured by the four great generals of Tiance Mansion again, and the Heavenly Sword in his hand flew out instantly.

Immediately, thousands of strong men rushed over.

I saw the corner of Tiance’s mouth raised, and he smiled mysteriously.

At this moment, thousands of powerhouses suddenly felt the aura in this area changed.

They felt heavier than Wanjun coercion, and their actions and shots were restricted.

The combat effectiveness is greatly reduced.

All are limited.


Marshal smiled.

This was once his retreat place, he was familiar with everything, and he was able to control the area here.

This is his world, he can control everything.

Even Salen was restricted.

A step slower.


Marshal grabbed the Heavenly Sword in his hand.

Others still want to fight, Tiance Mansion, Kunlun Industry and Velador’s top forces are all guarding Marshal.

They are also willing to guard the Alton Wesley.

They just saw scenes of killings.

This Heavenly Sword is just like something unknown, it can cause too many killings.

Might as well be in the hands of Marshal of Tiance.

It’s okay to satisfy his selfish desires.

At least he can be stronger and protect Velador better.


Salen didn’t expect to be restricted in this place, he stared at Young Master Tiance angrily.

“Hahaha, you guys think too much! The heavenly sword is my Velador! No one wants to take it away! This place is my retreat, no one is more familiar with this place than me! No one here will be my opponent !”

Marshal laughed.

Everyone was silent now.

Although everyone wants to get the Heavenly Sword.

But just now, Marshal of Tiance’s control over here was felt by everyone.

In addition, there are too many people guarding Marshal of Tiance.

There is really no way for a while.

Suddenly, the Marshal looked at Sarah and said loudly, “The first thing I did when I got the Heaven Sword – Sarah, the devil who k!lled the devil!

What Sarah didn’t expect was that other people in the Bible organization had slipped away.

Abandon her here alone.

“Agree! k!ll Sarah first! We’ll talk about the Heavenly Sword later!”

Salen was the first to stand up and support.

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