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Chapter 2206

The ancestors in the dark also became anxious, their hearts hanging in their throats.

They don’t want to care about the situation of plum dye, nor do they want to know.

But Aubery’s every move affects their hearts.

Everyone was nervous to the extreme, watching the battle between Aubery and Salen in horror.

Salen knows that Aubery is powerful, so his shot is a fierce move, and he won’t have any reservations.

Aubery can only come up with real things to parry.

And she wants to protect her mother, so she is fully capable of fighting.

Watching the super battle between Salen and Aubery.

Everyone was shocked.

This kid is so strong?

Hardly shake Salen this great god!

The whole world knows how strong Salen is.

But the child didn’t let the wind fall in the slightest, which surprised everyone.

When she was fighting Salen, she could still faintly consider Sarah, which was even more shocking.

Even the Marshal stared at him for a while.

As expected of several ancestral religions, so strong?

According to this posture, Aubery can single him and Salen at the same time.

“Why are you still stunned? Go and k!ll Sarah?”

Salen reminded with dissatisfaction.

Marshal Tiance who reacted immediately k!lled Sarah.

But Aubery went crazy, and after he forced Salen back, he blocked him in front of Marshal.

The terrible combat power is simply suffocating!



There is such a powerful force in this small body?

Worthy of being the unparalleled genius of Tiance Mansion!

Several old ancestors in the dark showed gratified smiles.

I finally saw the side of Aubery’s growth.

“Don’t look at whose apprentice it is!”

The female ancestor looked proud.

For a while, Aubery blocked the joint attack of Salen and Young Master Tiance.

Of course, the young marshal Tiance had restrained himself, and he didn’t dare to really attack Aubery.

He can’t bear the anger of several ancestors!

“Hurry up, you guys too! Get together!”

Salen shouted.

Lawrence, the powerful Garrison Clan, reacted and all k!lled Aubery.

Lawrence understood everything in an instant.

Salen helped the young marshal Tiance stop Aubery and let him k!ll Sarah.

But the main reason was that Salen wanted to capture Aubery in order to coerce Tiance Mansion into surrendering the Heavenly Sword.

Just now how important Aubery is to Tiance Mansion, everyone sees it…

A madman as strong as Marshal, he didn’t put anyone in his eyes. When he saw this child, he didn’t dare to do anything, and the whole Tiance Mansion was dumb.

It can be seen how high is the status of this child in Tiance Mansion?

Once she is captured, then the Marshal will have to change, or if not, he will have to change.

This is the best opportunity!

Whoever gets this child is equivalent to getting a heavenly sword.

Lawrence sighed, as expected to be Salen, his mind turned so fast.

I’m afraid that even the Marshal didn’t react, right?

After the strong Garrison Clan shot, he directly blocked Aubery.

The other major forces also saw clearly the purpose of the Tiance Major Commander one by one.

Understand the truth that the Heavenly Sword can be obtained by capturing Aubery.

“Let’s go too! We must catch this kid!”

The other masters were crazy, and began to join the battle group to attack Aubery.

They want to capture Aubery.

At a time, thousands of people attacked one of you.

Now, no matter how strong Aubery is, there is no way to care about Sarah.

She cannot protect herself.

Salen and the others also became nervous.

Originally, he wanted to capture Aubery by himself, but this kid was too strong and really couldn’t catch him for a while.

It’s all right now, everyone has reacted.

It was difficult to catch Aubery now.

The Young Master Tiance also reacted, and the purpose of this group of people was to capture Aubery and exchange the Heavenly Sword in his hand.

But he reacted slowly.

Forget it, k!ll Sarah first, right?

Marshal Tiance kills Sarah with a sword in his hand.

Stabbed with a sword!


There was a penetrating sound, and the audience was shocked.

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