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Chapter 2208


Completely crazy!

It can be said that these people are all the same as being in a demon.

Was stunned by the terrifying strength of the Heavenly Sword.

All eyes revealed madness!

There are even a lot of people who are determined to die!

Even if you die, you have to get a heavenly sword!

To put it bluntly, almost everyone is now bewildered by the Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword is also good and evil.

But now in this situation, the Heavenly Sword has enchanted everyone.

How to get the sky sword?

That must be to capture Aubery and force Tiance Mansion to surrender the Heavenly Sword.

This group of people attacked Aubery more frantically.

One by one was confused.

Can’t stop it.

Sarah was also shocked.

She actually wanted to counterattack just now, killing the Marshal and fleeing.

This emperor’s battle armor is her secret trump card and will not be used until the last moment.

In her expectation, the Heavenly Sword would not be able to split the Emperor’s armor for a while, or even unable to split it.

But I didn’t expect the power of the sky sword to be so terrifying!

Her plan was shattered.

In fact, this dark god has known for a long time.

He dyed the Emperor’s Armor for Logan Zi, and he knew the Heavenly Sword. He withdrew, obviously the Emperor’s Armor could not stop the Heavenly Sword.

The terrifying power of the Heavenly Sword is frightening.

Not only was it bewildered to everyone present, but even several ancestors couldn’t help but sigh: “If it weren’t for the Son of god, I would like to participate! This Heavenly Sword is too terrifying!”

The female ancestor sighed: “Actually, none of you have felt the true power of the Heavenly Sword! Once in the hands of that person, the gods really blocked and k!lled the gods, and the Buddha blocked and k!lled the Buddha!”

“Really scary!”

On the surrounding mountain peaks, there were also the powerful people watching the battle in the dark, all shocked by the power of the heavenly sword.

Especially a genius from Toshima, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Well, I can be the opponent of Demon Blade Muramasa!”

These powers do not participate in the competition.

Either he has a comparable artifact in his hand, or he is afraid of showing up.

The horror of the Heavenly Sword greatly increased the confidence of the Young Master Tiance.

After he wanted to k!ll Logan Zi, he immediately went to help Aubery.

Can’t let the plans of Salen succeed!

“Sarah, how do I see you hiding this time?”

Marshal stabbed.

Sarah grabbed the sky sword.

But the Heavenly Sword was piercing her body bit by bit.

Sarah watched Heavenly Sword’s edge approaching him.

She was helpless.

This time there is really no post-recruitment.


Aubery roared at this time.


At the risk of serious injury, she abruptly opened a hole.

After a few tricks behind him, he vomited blood.

She is injured! ! !

For a long time, everyone wanted to capture her, so they didn’t use their full strength, so Aubery was not seriously injured.

But this time, in order to save Sarah, she gave it up.

Although Aubery was seriously injured, she finally rushed to Sarah and saved her life.


Sarah’s frozen heart seemed to have a heartbeat when he saw Aubery was injured.

In addition to revenge, she has other feelings.

Seeing Aubery hurt, her heart hurts…


Seeing Aubery was injured, the female ancestor almost rushed out.

“Wait! Wait a minute! Aubery is in danger of life, we will shoot again! Now it is actually the best experience for Aubery!”

Several other ancestors Limara lived with her.

Of course others are also very anxious.

“Furthermore, these people dare not k!ll Aubery! They want to capture Aubery for the Heavenly Sword! We basically don’t need to make a move!”

There is an ancestral way.

The great ancestors began to look worriedly.

“Take it!!!”

Everyone is crazy now.

Only Aubery in the eyes!

Nothing else!

“k!ll! k!ll!”

A group of people rushed up.

Salen wanted to make a living.

In order to capture Aubery, he deliberately k!lled Sarah.

I want to attract Aubery to catch her…

Thousands of people acted together, and the scene was chaotic.


Suddenly there was a roar in the air.

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