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Chapter 2209


This sound was like thunder, and there was a trembling sound in the air, as if the whole world was trembling.


There is also a terrifying force, like a Taishan palm pushing the ten thousand strong on the court away from Sarah’s mother and daughter.

Including Salen and Marshal, as well as the four great blood ancestors, were all pushed away for at least a hundred meters.

Incredible! ! !

Everyone in the audience looked incredible!

What kind of existence can push back tens of thousands of superpowers invisibly?

What kind of amazing combat power is this?


At this moment, not only the parties concerned were shocked.

Even the various powerhouses who observe in the dark are dumbfounded.

Including the genius from Higashishima who is holding a demon sword, Murata…

And the super powers who haven’t shown up in the dark are all shocked.

“This…what’s the situation? When did the strong come out?”

“When did it appear? Where? Why don’t I know?”

Everyone made such surprises.

I only saw everyone being pushed away, but I didn’t see where the shot was…

Except for them, even the ancestors who were observing secretly were completely stunned.

When Aubery was in extreme danger, and they were hesitant to make a move, someone made a move.

But this person doesn’t even know where the ancestors are, let alone see how to do this…


They sucked in cold air one after another.


so horrible!

They couldn’t judge the strength of this person for a while.

They asked themselves if they could push back the tens of thousands of powerhouses in an instant when they went up.

I can’t do it!

Aubery and Sarah were stunned.

I thought it was a mortal situation, but I didn’t expect someone to come out to save them?

who is it?


At this time, a figure fell from the sky, and a great earthquake trembled.

Everyone looked over.

It’s just that he wears a mask.

He couldn’t see his face at all.

The person, of course, is Levi.

He wanted to come out to save people directly!

It’s just that Cthulrun evil god handed him a mask for him to wear.

The reason is simple-now that the times have changed, Levi’s sudden high-profile announcement is not necessarily a good thing.

Secondly, he came out directly, the Dark god and his former enemies (because of the use of taboo techniques).

There is another one-Sarah is the public enemy of Velador and even the world. Levi will show up directly to save him. The problem is not easy to handle!

Therefore, wearing a mask can avoid a lot of troubles.

Seeing people wearing masks, everyone understood.

This strong man is unwilling to show up!

Aubery and Sarah are both dumbfounded.

They don’t know who is in front of them?

From his body, he could not feel a trace of the temperament of Levi at all.

After all, after three years of retreat, Levi completely transformed into another person.

The previous breath is gone.

Now I feel an ethereal feeling all over my body…

As if he didn’t exist, and as if he was everything in the world.

“Who are you? Why stop us?”

Salen was not afraid at all and questioned Levi.

Levi did not answer. He swept around and saw many acquaintances-Lawrence, Edgar and so on.

In this era, they all came out and acted again?

“I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”

Salen yelled frantically.

The Young Master Tiance also said: “Senior, I don’t know where you are? But now we are killing a big demon! I hope you don’t interfere, please let me go!”

Although he didn’t know who was in front of him, it gave him a feeling of peerless superiority.

“Get away! Get away quickly!”

“We will not only k!ll this woman, but also catch this child to exchange for the Heavenly Sword!”

“Yes, rush for the Heavenly Sword everyone!”

“Who stopped and died!”

These people are as crazy as they are.

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