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Chapter 226

It turned out that Levi had to work so hard to move for a day, so only this little money?

He actually looks down on one billion!

Is this person’s appetite too big?

It’s not easy to satisfy!

Shane Xinyi’s favorability for Levi suddenly dropped.

Last night, I also felt that Levi had superb medical skills and good moral character.

But today, the character is too bad.

Relying on saving people, the lion will open his mouth.

Obviously, he would take a thousand bucks a day when he was running around, but he wanted ten billion in vain!

There is not enough human heart to swallow the elephant!

But he did save Grandpa, he was not good at it.

Shane Xinyi smiled and said: “Mr. Garrison waits for me to go back to discuss it, and then I will give you a substantial thank you!”

Levi urged: “Let’s go! I don’t want a penny, I don’t need money!”

Shane Xinyi and the assistant left.

They knew that this was Levi’s scheming.

On the surface, I wouldn’t ask for a penny.

In fact, the subtext is 10 billion.

Unless the richest man loses face!

“Go back and discuss with Grandpa and the others. I didn’t expect to meet such a bad person! As expected, the poorer the person, the bigger the appetite!”

Shane Xinyi looked angry.

In fact, how do they understand.

Levi is really not short of money.

Not to mention ten billion, even one trillion is not in his eyes.

These two women are inexplicable.

Levi was very angry.

Continue to invest in moving work.

Case York Villa is the most luxurious and largest villa in Case York.

The home of the richest man, Shane’s, is located here.

Taking into account the old man’s condition, the Shane family purposely built a private hospital in the villa, with three medical helicopters and forty medical personnel, dedicated to serving the Shane family.

Father Shane Wanshan is training.

When he was carried back last night, he was actually fine.

Even the body is better than before.

Shane Wanshan is still discussing Levi’s magical techniques with Dr. Brown Wanghui.

At this time, Shane Xinyi arrived.

Shane Wanshan immediately asked anxiously: “Xinyi, have you found Brother Garrison?”

“I found it! He is a clerk at the Black Ant Moving Company! You don’t need to check it, here is the photo!”

Shane Xinyi handed the taken photos to Shane Wanshan and others.

In the photo, Levi is wearing the work clothes of the moving company, working in full swing.

“He can make a thousand a day when he moves! It’s a good mix among ordinary people!”

Shane Xinyi said.

Shane Wanshan immediately asked, “How is it? Are you thanking him? As far as I said, give him 100 million!”

“Thank you, but I was rejected!”

Shane Xinyi looked depressed.

“Ah? What’s the matter? Do you refuse even one hundred million? This kid’s behavior is too good, right?”

Shane Wanshan admired it even more.

“Grandpa is not like that, it’s because he has a big appetite! Don’t say a billion, he doesn’t like a billion! He wants 10 billion after knowing your identity!”


Hearing what Shane Xinyi said, everyone took a breath.

The appetite of 10 billion is really big!

He is just an ordinary moving company employee!

Shane Wanshan frowned: “He said it himself?”

Shane Xinyi roughly described the scene at that time.

After hearing this, Shane Wanshan nodded: “Indeed, he really wants 10 billion!”

“What should I do? Grandpa, I think it would be a shame to give 10 billion to this kind of person, right?”

Shane Xinyi said.

Others also showed disgust.

“Yeah! I don’t feel satisfied with ten billion! He will definitely get worse because he is the lifesaver of the richest man!”

Chapter 227

Shane Wanshan also looked surprised: “I didn’t think people were like this last night!”

Shane Xinyi analyzed: “This is his lust and indulgence trick, so as to maximize the benefits!”

“Yes, this kind of person is very smart. From the posture last night, he must have seen that we are not ordinary people, so he left on purpose! Then we will find him and he can win more!”

Shane Wanshan sighed: “I can naturally get ten billion! But I don’t think this person is worthy!”

“Grandpa, let me check his details again!”

Shane Xinyi was very upset.

These days, Sarah is developing rapidly, and he intends to completely leave the Logan family and establish a new company.

Although it was more secretive, the Logan family still knew.

“Traitor! Dale’s family is really a traitor!”

Mike furiously said.

Doug was also pale with anger.

Earl and Katie said in unison: “Grandpa, we’ve said that Sarah didn’t put you in the eyes at all. Now we are going to get out of it, right?”

“Dare she? I have shares in her company!”

Doug roared.

“Grandpa, since Sarah has the idea of ​​re-establishing the company, she has a countermeasure!”

Earl smiled.

Alfred asked, “What can I do? Sarah has now received several hundred million in investment. It is said that Erick Group will cooperate with her in depth in the future!”

“That’s the problem! We can’t stop it at all! With her current capital, she can completely give up Huating. Grandpa has shares, it won’t work!”

Mike said.

Doug sighed again and again, but he couldn’t help it.

Earl suddenly said, “Grandpa, I have a way!”

Doug’s eyes lit up fiercely: “Song, do you have a way? Say it quickly!”

“Do you all know my brother? He was going to introduce someone to Sarah at that time.”

“I know.”

Earl smiled triumphantly: “My brother is coming to Case York tomorrow. He has super hacking skills and can hack into almost every company’s system!”

“That’s what I thought. Let Gordon invade Sarah’s company account and transfer all the funds. Then it will come down to your grandfather’s name, and you are a shareholder of her company. She will definitely not take you to anything.”

Earl smiled.

Everyone thought about it.

As long as the money is in the hands of the old man, Sarah can do nothing.

Did she dare to sue the old man?

The Dale couple dare not!

Doug thought for a while and said, “Well, this is okay! As long as I get her money in my hands, I won’t give it to them, they can’t do it!”

Just like the one hundred million in compensation from the Xiao family, Doug held it in his hand, and Sarah could only watch.

“The third child and his family have to be dealt with. Look at how proud they are lately!”

“I heard that the third child is buying a new house and a new car!”

These relatives of Mike are naturally not used to seeing Dale’s development.

Now there is a chance to heal him.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

The Logan family has already made a plan.

But Sarah didn’t know it at all.

Dale and Edith Xiaojiu celebrate every day.

The next day, Gordon went to Case York.

Doug personally received him, serving them deliciously and deliciously.

After that, start planning.

“Next I need some information about the company…”

Gordon said.

Doug is still a shareholder of Huating Company, and getting some of the company’s core information is no effort.

Chapter 228

Even some core accounts are available.

“Okay, leave it to me!”

Brother Earl and Gordon left, specially looking for a remote place to carry out their plan.

It turned out that Gordon was not alone, but there were three others.

They are a team.

In an abandoned factory building, they began their plan.

Overnight, they invaded Huating’s system and easily entered the company’s account.

“Haha, there are more than 635 million in Huating Company’s account!”

Brother Earl and Gordon were stunned.

“It must have been shortly after the funds arrived, and Sarah didn’t have time to use it!”

Earl said with a smile.

“Okay, it’s all ours next!”

Gordon smiled suddenly.

In five seconds, all the money in Huating’s account was swept away.

The two brothers smiled triumphantly.

Their next plan didn’t even think of Doug and others.

The money in the Huating Company’s account was not transferred to Doug’s account just now.

Instead, they transferred to an overseas account of their brothers.

“Next is the Logan family!”

The light in Gordon’s eyes flickered.

“Well, hurry up! Didn’t I come to Case York for these two months to collect the financial secrets of the Logan family?”

Earl’s smile is meaningful.

It turned out that Earl returned to Velador to steal the property of the Logan family.

It took him two months to obtain Doug’s trust first.

Then check the financial information of the Logan family and collect data.

After all, hackers are not omnipotent, and intrusion requires conditions.

It is best to go deep inside and find out some loopholes or something.

All Earl has done is to prepare for today!

Originally, he wanted to wait a while before taking the shot.

However, Sarah is about to leave the Logan family. If he becomes an independent company, the opportunity will be completely gone.

So he chose to do it at this time.

Run after you withdraw the money.

Then put all the responsibility on the Logan family, let them be unreasonable.

As for the identities of the two overseas giants, they are all fake.

Katie has been deceived!

“There are 150 million in the Logan Group’s head office account! The other branches add up to 60 million, and each of them has a total of 20 million private accounts! A total of 230 million!”

Gordon and his team easily hacked into the accounts of everyone in the Logan family.


When the relaxation presses the key.

In an instant, all the money in the account of the Logan family was transferred away.

“Haha, more than eight billion! It’s enough for our brothers to escape forever!”

Earl and Gordon hugged tightly.

Next, Gordon made false accounts again.

The purpose is to convince Doug that the money in the account of Huating Company has indeed been transferred to his account.

In addition, all traces of money in the account of the Logan family owner were removed, and a fake account was also made.

In the short term, Logan Jiacha has money in his account, but he has no money.

When they reacted, the two brothers had already withdrawn.

And all the money is transferred to overseas accounts.

This overseas account was opened in the name of Doug.

The last thing that was found was the record of Doug transferring the account of Huating Company and the account of Logan’s owner.

It all boils down to Doug.

But the money disappeared, and I don’t know where it went.

The two brothers Earl used this method to steal tens of millions in these years, disguising their identities as a wealthy family.

“The Logan family is over!”

“It’s a pity that I didn’t sleep until Sarah!”

Gordon is still a bit regretful.

Chapter 229

At this moment, Doug and others are waiting anxiously.

At this time, the SMS from Doug’s private account came.

Huating’s more than 630 million have been earned.

Doug deliberately checked the account and found that the money did indeed come.

How did they know that all they could find was a fake account, and that the money was in the hands of Brother Earl and Gordon.

In the middle of the night, Earl and Gordon returned.

Earl also called out: “Grandpa, I think in order to eliminate the trouble, you will tell the Sarah’s family by yourself tomorrow-you transferred the money away, so they can’t do anything with us.”

Mike nodded repeatedly: “Yes, if they find that the money in the account disappears, it will be troublesome if they call the police.”

“Okay, I will go tomorrow.”

Doug agreed.

Brother Earl smiled at each other.

They urged Doug to admit that it was equivalent to taking the money away.

Nothing to do with them!

the next day.

Sarah just arrived at the company.

There was bad news from the finance department: all the money in the company’s account was taken away.


Plum dyed like a lightning strike.

The company’s money was taken away.

The huge company is gone…

Sarah almost fainted.

“Mr. Logan, don’t worry, our technicians are checking it! They said it was transferred to a private account!”

Said the finance department.

Sarah was a little puzzled: “How is it possible? How can the money in the company account be transferred?”

“There are two situations: first, the other party is a smart hacker; second, the other party is our insider, who knows our secrets, even the firewall password.”

Sarah said directly: “Call the police!”

At this moment, Doug came with someone.

“Sarah, what to report to the police, what happened to the family.”

Doug smiled.

“Ah? What’s the matter with Grandpa?”

Sarah was very puzzled.

There was a gentle smile at the corner of Doug’s mouth: “Sarah, considering that you got the investment, it may be used improperly! Grandpa, I transferred all your money to my account!”

Hearing this, Sarah looked at grandpa in disbelief: “Grandpa, how do you do this? The money has nothing to do with you! This is the investment of Erick Group for me!”

“Sarah, what you said is wrong! What is the meaning of this money has nothing to do with your grandfather? I ask you, isn’t Huating Company that your grandfather gave to your family? Isn’t your grandfather a shareholder? After all, it belongs to the Logan family!”

“Yes, what do you mean? Don’t recognize Grandpa? Are you going to betray your ancestor?”

Katie and Earl buttoned their big hats on Sarah’s head.

“No, grandpa, I didn’t mean it, I’m always the Logan family!”

Plum dyed and shivered.

Doug was very angry: “I’ll tell you the truth! I took all the money! If you are from the Logan family, then develop with me. If you are not from the Logan family, you can report to the police and sue as you like!”

After speaking, Doug left here with a crowd of people.

Sarah sat weakly on the ground!

How can there be such relatives?

How can there be such a grandpa?

Too overbearing, right?

The company can’t carry out any projects without a penny.

Sarah can only go home.

In addition, Doug personally notified Dale and Edith-he took the money, so if you call the police, go there.

Obviously Doug took the money, but he was extremely domineering, as if Dale and Sarah did the wrong thing.

Sarah hugged her mother and cried bitterly.

Chapter 230

“Why are our mothers so bitter? We both married a trash! If Levi is not talking about trash, why are you also a trash?”

Edith cried bitterly.

Dale defended: “Don’t you compare me with Levi? I’m not a waste!”

“Then the old man bullied you so much, you are rebelling, your girl’s six billion or more have been taken away! You are going to ask for it! Are you F*rting?”

Edith said angrily and pushed him.


Dale slammed the cup to the ground.

“Do you think I don’t want to? But you also know the character of the old man, the money he took can’t be returned!”

Dale roared.

“Then you call the police! There is a law! We have all the evidence!”

Edith is tit-for-tat.

“That’s my dad! How can I call the police to arrest my dad! Isn’t this poking my spine? How can I explain to my ancestors?”

Dale said angrily.

“What should I do then? Just forget it?”

“Think of a way!”

The two were helpless.

“I’m looking for Levi!”

This is Sarah’s only hope.

The other side.

The Logan family celebrated.

Always regarded Dale’s family as a thorn in the flesh, and when they fell, everyone was refreshed.

Katie asked for his merits: “Grandpa, this time my husband and uncle have done the best!”

Doug smiled: “Don’t worry, I have many rewards!”

Earl said: “Grandpa don’t worry, wait until this matter stabilizes, and then use the money. For now, don’t move!”

Earl was afraid that when Doug withdrew money and found that he had no money at all, he said quickly.

“Okay, Song, grandpa listens to you! When things stabilize, we will control the money again!”

Doug agreed.

“Grandpa, next I will accompany Gordon to see his friends in Jinling, the provincial capital, and come back in two days. Katie, you will be by Grandpa’s side to make suggestions, what if Sarah use their methods?”

Earl said.

“Okay, don’t worry, husband. If you are not here, I will be there!”

Katie smiled.

Earl and Gordon ran away quickly, not knowing where they were.

The unknowing Logan family members are still happy.

I thought I got six billion.

Doug smiled and said: “From now on, my Logan family will have nearly one billion assets! We must vigorously develop!”

When Levi learned the news, his first reaction was not anger.

Instead, I noticed something abnormal.

“Impossible! Even if your grandfather is a shareholder, he can’t transfer all the company accounts, right? This must require the financial and your approval?”

After Levi’s reminder, Sarah immediately understood: “Yes, no matter what, grandpa can’t directly pass me and transfer money. The password and everything are in my hands.”

Levi smiled: “From this point of view, there is only one possibility! They hacked into the company’s account and transferred the money away!”

“Levi, do you mean that grandpa used a hacker to transfer money away?”

Sarah asked.

“Yes, in fact, your grandpa knows everything about Huating Company, and ordinary hackers can hack into your company’s account!”

Levi nodded.

“Isn’t it possible? If Grandpa used a hacker to transfer the money, why should he come to tell me to transfer the money? Is this not a self-employment?”

Sarah was puzzled.

Levi touched his chin and said in doubt: “Yes, that’s where the doubt lies. Why does he want to tell you?”

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