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Chapter 2214

As soon as Young Master Tiance said half of his words, he was interrupted by the boss of Horizon Pavilion.

They knew what Marshal wanted to ask.

“One thing! We know almost all the secrets before! We know everything, including whether Levi died a few years ago! Let’s tell the truth, there is nothing in the world that Horizon Pavilion doesn’t know!”

“But this time, we really don’t know who this person is? To put it bluntly, this person appears out of thin air! Doesn’t belong to this world! We can’t detect any of his auras!”


After listening to the words of the boss of Horizon Pavilion, everyone gasped.

What’s the matter?

Not even Horizon Pavilion?

What kind of existence is it?

And this force is rare in the world!

Young Master Tiance knows best…

“Fortunately! This person belongs to Velador! If it weren’t for Velador, I’m afraid it would be a disaster! If he makes a move, who can stop it?”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The Dark god also knew about this.

“The Heavenly Sword was knocked off??”

The dark god is going crazy too.

At this moment, the Dark god felt that the knife in his hand was like scrap iron.

What’s the use?

When encountering a strong person of this level, hasn’t it been knocked off by two fingers?

Unimaginable horror!

The ground knife is his biggest hole card!

But now it feels like a discarded card!

The Dark god wants to take the Heavenly Sword back!

The sword and the sword fuse into an ancient artifact!

But now it seems that even the fusion of Heavenly Sword and Earth Sword is useless!

In front of that super strong man, it didn’t play a role.

In your eyes, the world is invincible, and the invincible artifact is not as good as a fire stick in the hands of others…

This level is beyond the world.

The realm is at another latitude.

who is it?

Who the hell is it?

Dark god can’t even think of who it is…

Can only be shocked by the extreme combat power.

“Sarah is so lucky? Just happened to be born into a super strong Velador?”

“Where is Sarah? Find out now!”

The dark god said immediately.

If the plum is dyed to death, nothing will happen.

But Sarah was in trouble while he was alive.

She still knows many secrets of the Bible Organization…

If you keep it for a long time, it is a big hidden danger.

“I found it, currently Sarah was taken back to Case York to recuperate by her daughter!”

The evil god immediately said.

“Okay! Go to Case York now! Either bring Sarah back or k!ll it!”

The Dark god is determined not to let Sarah stay in Velador.

Underworld god set off with eighteen dark angels.

This trick is also very good.

When the strong Gentiles wanted to escape from Velador one by one, they sneaked into Velador secretly.

Great Xia Case York.

Aubery brought Sarah back.

Almost the whole family gathered around.

They are mixed.

It is Aubery who is happy, and he is already able to be alone.

He is still the little ancestor dominated by everyone in Tiance Mansion.

But Sarah is the enemy of Velador, the devil that everyone wants to k!ll.

But at this stage Sarah and Aubery should be cured first.

What is interesting is that Mike and these people were all released by Tiance Mansion and Kunlun Industry.

After the experimental value on them is gone, these people are naturally useless, and it is better to put them back.

However, although they are pure energy bodies, they can only be regarded as moderately strong in this era.

Not top-notch!

Many organizations have already worked out how to target pure energy bodies. They dare not jump right now and are only active in Case York.

Now that they see the plum dyed back, they are a little scared.

If they were targeted, they would die without a place to bury them.

They have to spare their lives more than before.

“We suggest that Sarah leave Case York as soon as possible! Aubery can stay!”

“If Sarah is here! It will bring us a disaster!”

Everyone wants to drive out Sarah.

“who said it?”

There was a sound.

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