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Chapter 2213

Sarah, who was seriously injured, also wanted to know.

The secret ancestors also want to know.

They don’t know why Levi is here now?

Destroy the Heavenly Sword?

Save people?

Or show off force?


Now that several ancestors are in the dark, and there are others, Levi naturally cannot tell Aubery’s true identity.

Aubery stood in front of Levi with a strong premonition.

She seems to know this person!

“You will know in the future! Go back! Save people!”

Levi then left.

Aubery was afraid that it would be dangerous to stay here, and immediately took Sarah away.

Now there are several people from the ancestors following, and Levi is very relieved of them.

On the ice field, Salen, the marshals of Tiance and his like reacted one by one.

Just as everyone was about to leave, a voice suddenly came from the horizon: “Trash! A bunch of trash! What was unearthed in Velador is still taken by a foreign barbarian? Is Velador no one?”


Hearing that, the four blood ancestors and the powerhouses of other countries trembled.

This is obviously warning them not to step into the summer!

The most shocked were Marshal Salen and the others!

These words stimulated them the most!

Especially Marshal of Tiance and the four great generals…

This is blaming them for protecting Velador from disadvantages!

The Heavenly Sword belongs to Velador!

It doesn’t matter if it falls into the hands of anyone in Velador!

But you must not let anyone outside of Velador grab it!

This is the principle!

This is the majesty of the great summer!

But the Marshal didn’t do it, and let the foreign powers enter in droves!

They are all terrified!

It seems that this is Velador’s hidden super power, who can’t stand it anymore, and specifically jumped out to show a wave of force.

Declare to the world that Velador cannot be messed with!

Not to be insulted!

With the help of Heavenly Sword, a wave of super force is perfectly demonstrated!

Everyone understands!

This super strong is not trying to destroy the Heavenly Sword or save people!

He is showing the world-Velador is the Eastern Dragon!

Although you are asleep, you can’t move!

I have to say that this time played a huge role.

The four blood ancestors were so frightened that they hurriedly left Velador.

I’m afraid that the super strong will keep them in Velador…

Soon news spread all over the world!

On the day the Heavenly Sword was born, Velador suddenly came up with a super strong, who drank away ten thousand people and knocked off the Heavenly Sword with two fingers…

The news spread, and the pan was fried everywhere.

Heavenly Sword has been hyped up to the strength of the world’s number one artifact!

It is so invincible that you can’t imagine…

But who would have thought that he was knocked off by two fingers!

How strong is this person?

Velador becomes taboo again!

Taboos of this era!

The powerful in the new era are like clouds, everywhere…

But Velador has a “god”!

Even if all the big forces have to be jealous.

Maya Industry, the Emperor’s Organization, etc. originally set up plans one after another against Velador.

But after this strong man came out, all plans were shattered.

Who would dare to go to Velador?

Are you looking for death?

After Marshal returned, he immediately asked the old guys from the Tiance Mansion and the Trex clan.

Who the hell is this person?

Does it have anything to do with them?

The answers that can be given are all consistent-Tiance Mansion and Trex clan did not have any retreat powerhouses.

“Will that be the father?”

Marshal Tiance immediately thought of his father, Marshal.

“No! If it is a handsome man! Maybe he has this kind of combat power! But he will never break the heavenly sword! The handsome man has a relationship with the heavenly sword! He can’t destroy the heavenly sword!”

The four great gods will immediately say.

“Who would it be?”

“I’ll go to Horizon Pavilion for advice! Some seniors in Horizon Pavilion may know!”

Immediately, Marshal brought the four great generals and others to the Horizon Pavilion.

“Seniors, I have never asked you questions!”

“Do you want to know who he is?”

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