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Chapter 2219

This is the most incredible thing Dark god has heard in his life!

It is also the most impossible thing he thinks!

Did you see Levi?

Where did you see it?

Haven’t they been sent to Velador by themselves?

How could you see Levi?


How could Velador have Levi?

Absolutely impossible!

I read it wrong! ! !

Dark god does not believe it!

I won’t believe it if I die!

In his concept, no one can break the dark cage.

Unless you have his level of strength plus an artifact like a ground sword!

But Levi, who was in the dark cage, had neither his strength nor a ground knife in his hand.

What did he do to break through the dark cage.

It would be impossible for him to retreat for a lifetime…

“Where did you see it?”

The Dark god asked tremblingly.

“Of course I saw it in Velador! Let’s take the plum to dye it back! In the end, Levi was also there.”

Underworld god’s courage was shocked.

“Yes! We saw Levi with our own eyes! It’s him! That’s right!”

“There is also the Fire Cloud Cthulhu! The two of them are together! It is them! I’m sure!”

The eighteen dark angels rushed to say.

Although everyone talked and talked, they were extremely frightened.

But the Dark god affirmed one thing-Levi came out! He came out of the dark prison!


After confirming this fact, the Dark god spouted blood.

Be anxious!

Even the dark god hasn’t controlled it!

“No, I don’t believe Levi is out! I don’t believe it!”

The dark god shook his head again and again.

Never believe that Levi came out of the dark prison.

“If you don’t believe the god of Darkness, you can go to Velador for a visit! Levi and Cthulrun have come out, it’s in Velador!”

The so-called seeing is believing.

Everyone wanted the Dark god to go to Velador and saw Levi come out with their own eyes.

Upon hearing Velador, the Dark god showed a look of jealousy.

Without the fusion of the sword and the sword, the dark god would not and dare to step into the summer.

“By the way, let’s go and see if the dark cage is still there?”

Suddenly, the dark god thought of the old nest of the Bible organization.

Just go and see.

“Set off!!!”

The god of Darkness immediately led the crowd to set off and traveled a long way to the lair of the Bible organization.


Seeing the blue sea and blue sky here, everyone was stunned.

“We… Did we go to the wrong place? It’s not at all…”

Today, the blue sea and blue sky resort has nothing to do with the old lair of the Bible organization.

Everyone is wondering if they are in the wrong place.

“Impossible! This is it!”

The way of the dark god very sure.

“Yes, this is it! I found the ruins of the former castle palace!”

Underworld god exclaimed.

Soon everyone came to the ruins.


a mess.

These ruins still weathered and disappeared as soon as they touched…

It seems that it has been weathered for thousands of years.

With a little breeze, these ruins disappeared!

“This, this…”

Everyone exclaimed again and again.

Look at the mountains here are all smoothed…

Not smooth, but smooth!

That is to say, the original winding mountain range disappeared directly from the map…

This change is too big.

“Where is the dark prison??”

The dark god began to look for the dark cage with excitement.

But after looking for a circle, where there is a dark cage, not even a scum is left.

In the end, the dark god determined the location of the dark prison.

But now there is nothing left.

They confirmed the fact that the dark cage was broken! Levi and Cthulrun are out! Underworld god, what they saw in Velador is true!

But a question emerged-how was the dark cage broken?

Did Levi break this by himself?

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