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Chapter 2218

Eighteen dark angels appeared together.

Underworld god led the team.

Hearing that Sarah also wanted to go back.

Underworld gods breathed a sigh of relief.

So much the better.

Lest there be a big battle.

“Who? You can’t take my mother away!”

Aubery immediately rushed to the front, staring at the eighteen people in front of him.

The hearts of the ancestors in the dark also hung up.

If Aubery is in danger, they will take action at any time.

“You can’t stop the child! Besides, your mother has to go back!”

Underworld god smiled.

“The god of Darkness has been using you all the time! Seeing the defeat of the Sky Sword, I will abandon you alone! If I’m not mistaken, these people were there before?”

Levi smiled.

Sarah couldn’t refute it.

It was before, but after the accident, he ran faster than anyone else.

But she immediately explained: “That’s because Master was afraid of the trouble and told them to flee first! Don’t let me take care of them and take them away!”

“Hehe, they appear this time to take you back and control you! They are afraid that you will leak the secrets of the Bible Organization! If you don’t go back, they are here to k!ll you!”

Levi said.

Sarah’s face was full of disbelief: “Impossible! How could the master k!ll me?”

“Who is speaking???”

The Underworld god shouted.

Because of the angle, everyone did not see Levi.


Following the sound, Levi appeared in front of the Eighteen Dark Angels.

This almost frightened the eyes of the eighteen dark angels.

This this this…


Levi, the big living person?

“And I!!!”

The Cthulrun Evil god walked out from the other side.



It was shocking!

Eighteen dark angels are going crazy?

This is real?

Why are Levi and Cthulrun here?

They were much more shocked than the people who saw Levi before.

After all, they know where Levi was before…

Dark cage!

That’s a dark cage!

A trap that the dark god can’t open!

It must be done with the help of a ground knife!

The dark cage is impossible to open!

The Dark god personally said that Levi would stay inside for the rest of his life, unable to come out.

The sturdiness of the dark cage and the special device make it impossible to break.

However, now they saw Levi and the other two.

They came out of the dark cage…


All crazy!

The scalps of the eighteen dark angels were numb, and their hairs stood up.

It’s like hell!

See Levi here.

It was the most shocking thing in their lives!

The level of shock even surpassed the fact that the Heavenly Sword was knocked off by two fingers…

No one knows better than them where Levi and Cthulrun are imprisoned…

“you you you you……”

Underworld god trembled to the point that he couldn’t say a word.

“Are you really Levi?”

Others asked.

“Who else could I be? I’m sorry, I came out! I didn’t expect it, right?”

Levi smiled.

The evil god of fire cloud also agreed: “Haha, we can’t be trapped by ghosts!”


“It’s impossible! No one can break that place!”

Underworld gods do not want to believe everything in front of them.

“Want to take my wife away? Impossible!”

Levi sneered.

But the Underworld Gods were frightened.


After encountering Levi, how could they care about Sarah again?

Eighteen people were directly scared away.


Sarah and Aubery were dumbfounded.

Didn’t you come to take people away?

How come it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Even the ancestors in the dark are very curious.

Is Levi so scary?

On the other side, the eighteen dark angels returned to the latest lair of the Bible Organization as quickly as possible.

Tell everything to the dark god.

“What??? Did you see Levi???”

The dark god is going crazy.

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