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Chapter 2221

“Remember Levi’s fake death in the battle on Golden Harbor Island before?”

Dark god asked.


Everyone nodded.

The evil god said: “The whole world thinks that Levi is dying, but you say he is still alive!”

“Yes, that’s because I felt that Levi used a taboo technique. Although it was very weak, I still felt it! Later, Levi completely ignored it and used the taboo technique!”

“Is there anything special about this taboo technique?”

Everyone asked.

“Because it originated from one person! A person who prevents me from entering Velador now!”

The dark god suddenly looked terrifying and became extremely terrifying.

The evil god immediately said: “Doesn’t it mean that you want to get the Heavenly Sword, and it is this person that you will deal with after merging with the Earth Sword?”

The Dark god nodded: “Yes! Even I created the Bible organization, the layout is for this person for so long!”

“So you mean that Levi is his apprentice! You do everything possible to arrest Levi as your apprentice, is it also related to this person?”

“Well, it is true! I want his apprentice to become mine! It just failed!”

Everyone was shocked: “Doesn’t it mean that Levi’s master broke this dark cage?”

“It is possible! But based on my previous knowledge of him, it is highly unlikely!”

“But, these years have passed, maybe he has any opportunities! Otherwise how to break Levi’s dark cage? I now deeply suspect that he is the one who broke the heavenly sword and broke the dark cage!”

The dark god is a little desperate.

If the person I want to target has such strength, then my efforts for so long have been in vain.

It is estimated that there is no way to integrate the sword and the sword.

If it is really him, then never want to enter Velador again in this life.

However, compared to Levi breaking the dark cage by himself, god of Darkness is more willing to believe that his master did it.

Levi did it.

Dark god does not believe it!

“However, it cannot be ruled out that Levi will do…there is still a slight possibility…”

Someone boldly said the question.

In any case, it is everyone’s analysis, but seeing is believing in the end.

It is still possible for Levi to break the dark cage by himself.

Can’t say no.

Even the Dark god himself understands this truth.

“Is it true that Levi will know if he doesn’t test it?”

Dark god said.

“Are you going to Velador?”

The Dark god shook his head; “Never before! Not anymore! It’s easy to test Levi! With the help of others!”

“You listen to my arrangements…”

After listening to the arrangement, everyone smiled.

“Well, this method is fine!”

Sarah and Aubery, who are far away in Case York, are still thinking about why the eighteenth dark angels suddenly ran away when they saw Levi.

“I said I was trapped by the Dark god. They thought they would detain me for a lifetime! I came out, so they were so shocked when they saw me, and then they suddenly fled…”

Levi explained.

But Sarah couldn’t hear it at all.

“The reason they are shocked is that you are alive. All of us have always thought that you are dead. When we suddenly see the big living person, who is not shocked?”

Sarah said.

Just as the two of them debated fiercely, the underworld gods reappeared.

“What are you doing here?”

Levi approached.

“Look, it’s definitely not for other reasons! I just left until I saw you alive!”

Sarah glared at Levi.

“Preach the command of the dark god-from now on you will live with your family and you don’t need to go back to the Bible to organize!”

Underworld god sent Sarah’s command, which surprised everyone.

Sarah was shocked and shocked, but still nodded.

But Levi thinks it’s not the same thing…

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