The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2222

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Chapter 2222


This must be the conspiracy of the Dark god!

Now that these people have gone and returned.

The dark god must have known and accepted the fact that he came out of the dark cage…

But the god of Darkness will never believe that he can break the dark cage!

Let alone him, if Levi encountered such a thing, he wouldn’t believe it.

Even the Cthulrun Evil god who has experienced it together is still unwilling to believe all this…

Levi, who might have been slightly stronger than him, is now a hundred times, a thousand times, or even a hundred thousand times better than him…

So why did you send someone to let Sarah stay in Velador?

There is a conspiracy!


I definitely want to test my own strength!

To determine if the Dark Prison was broken by itself…

As for the conspiracy, Levi couldn’t think of it for a while.

But Levi didn’t care.

He couldn’t resist any conspiracy.

If you can’t fight, you can directly show your true strength.

Now he doesn’t care about anyone!

The good thing now is that Sarah won’t bother to leave Velador and ask Master for sin.

In this way, Levi could change her mind little by little.

It’s time to spend some free time with my family.

It just so happens that Aubery can experience now, and can see the children every day.

But the good times didn’t last long, and soon there was a big news in Velador-the devil Sarah is now in Velador Case York!

And Levi, the former patron saint of Great Xia, is also back…

These two news came out.

Not to mention Velador was shocked, even the whole world was shocked.

Especially after the news that Levi came back alive, everyone was crazy.

The name Levi once again entered everyone’s eyes.

The king of the old age has appeared.

Many newcomers and newcomers who have only heard the legend of Levi want to come and see what Levi looks like.

As for Levi’s previous acquaintances, especially those acquaintances who have had opportunities in the new era, are more eager to see Levi and want to compare with him.

Not to mention Levi’s enemies, he wanted to see Levi all the time.

They want Levi to be alive more than anyone else, and have been longing for it.

Levi’s opponents wanted him to come back, and they wanted to prove that they were better than Levi and let him know how weak he was in this era.

Everything he used to be proud of no longer exists…

Even Levi’s brothers knew that he was still alive, and they rushed over excitedly for the first time.

Alton, Wesley and them.

Also, Bellard, the apprentice of Levi and others, as well as the masters he cultivated, are also eager to see him.

All of a sudden came to Case York one after another.

“Levi, did you finally show up? I want to see how you are!”

Marshal and they also came.

“Levi has appeared!!!”

The Garrison Clan in Capital was most excited by the news.

“Levi appears! Then you must follow the Garrison Clan’s house rules! Let’s go to Case York! How about I want to see Levi?”

Salen was looking forward to it.

Levi, the king of the old age, still caused an uproar.

He appeared, basically comparable to the birth of Heavenly Sword.

Countless people have gone to Case York.

On the other hand, the news of Sarah in Case York has been rendered more and more serious.

“The devil must die! She k!lled so many Velador people! How can she stay in Velador safe and sound!”

“Yes! Sarah must die! She can’t live!”

“We must give us an explanation! Our family has died in her hands!”

All of a sudden, the call to k!ll Sarah became louder and louder.

Almost everywhere.

Everyone must petition if Sarah is not k!lled.

Many people even petitioned the Tiance Mansion and other institutions to k!ll Sarah.

In short, Sarah cannot live in Velador.

She must die!

Levi finally knows what the dark god’s conspiracy is…

Focus all the points on yourself to test your own strength…

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