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Chapter 2238

How could there be such a coincidence…

Various ancient relics and ancient civilizations have been excavated, and modern technology has developed like a rocket.

The strong are quick.

This obviously has a problem.

Levi felt more and more that it was a ghost in the Lab of the Gods.

However, according to the current situation, even if he broke the sky, no one would believe it.

“I see! It’s time for Levi and Cthulrun to know the cruelty of this era!”

“Yes, only by beatings can they clearly understand how weak they are in this era?”

Everyone wants to do it.

Suddenly, a powerful breath came.

They stood in front of Levi one after another.

“If you want to move the evil god, pass our level first!”

Everyone shouted.

It turned out to be the seven evil gods under the leadership of Levi and Cthulrun.

Sword evil god, poison evil god and them.

They have also jumped into superpowers, even more obvious than most of the people present.

Because what they originally practiced is “evil ways and crooked ways”, to put it bluntly, what they practice is extremely quick.

Now this era suits them too well.

However, Levi was very pleased that they stood on his side when they were enemies all over the world.

What does it mean to be a universal enemy?


Once they choose their side, they will face death.

It’s nice to have these brothers.

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Of course, Alton Wesley and Bellard are actually on this side.

It’s just that they will quietly open a way for Levi and Sarah to escape later.

It will not show up on the surface.

“Cthulhu! Don’t worry! Unless we step on our corpses, don’t want to touch your hair!”

The sword spirit of the sword evil spirit swept the audience.

“Let’s see, what is called a gang of anger? Things gather together? There is a devil’s wife, and now a group of crooked hands are coming down…”

“But it’s too easy to k!ll you! Let’s blame Sarah and his family first!”

Salen suggested.

Marshal Tiance also nodded: “Yes! Deal with Sarah first! I am here to speak on behalf of Tiance Mansion! Sarah has nothing to do with Tiance Mansion! She is her, and the child is a child!”

“Yes, if Tiance Mansion doesn’t care, we can rest assured! k!ll this devil first!”

Salen and Young Master Tiance said these words, they responded.

Hundreds of thousands of people shouted together to punish Sarah.

The terrible sound was like a thunder rumbling on top of the sky.

“Dear brothers, please give me a lesson!!!”

A voice sounded.

I saw everyone from Logan and Mann’s family came.

Mike these pure energy bodies also came tremblingly.

“Everyone, let me say this-anything that Sarah does has nothing to do with our Logan and Mann family! She disappeared three years ago! Never returned to the family again!”

“None of us knew she became like this! We really didn’t know! We sympathize with the victims and their families!”

They want to have a clear relationship with Sarah.

“We can prove this! Sarah really has nothing to do with the family!”

Young Master Tiance said.

Seeing Aubery’s face, he didn’t want to k!ll him.

Salen suddenly stared at Mike and the others: “Okay, even if you know the relationship! So how do you think Sarah is punished?”

The words came out.

Logan and Mann’s family were dumbfounded.

How do they deal with it?

After all, Sarah is also a family member.

Is it going to be k!lled directly?

“Didn’t you say it has nothing to do with her? Give you a chance to prove your innocence!”

Salen seemed to want to see this kind of scene of family killing each other.

Deliberately leave the problem to them!

“k!ll her!”

A voice came from the crowd of Logan Mann’s family.

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