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Chapter 2237

Levi added: “I didn’t mean anyone, I was talking about everyone present! In my eyes, it’s all rubbish!”

As soon as Levi said this, the whole audience exploded.


Too arrogant!

Levi has reached this level!

So arrogant!

Pointing to hundreds of thousands of people and saying it’s all garbage!

For the sake of face, the kings of the past had no choice but to be hard-headed.

To be honest, Levi said that everyone is not worthy of being his opponent as rubbish, and everyone is not angry.

Because everyone understands that this is Levi’s incompetent barking!

What can I do if I have to be too hard?

In the face of the ridicule of everyone, unable to fight back, only to come back by verbal scolding.

Could it be that Levi would still kneel on the ground and beg everyone to let it go?

For his character, he would rather die than surrender.

Even if he k!lled him, his mouth remained hard.

Seeing Levi’s mouth hard, many people feel that Levi is a bit pitiful.

Especially the people from Levi’s side.

Almost with tears in her eyes, she didn’t dare to look at it.

They feel sorry for Levi.

If three years ago, encountering this kind of ridicule, Levi would have slapped him back.

But now he is not strong enough, even said he is far from enough.

There is nothing we can do about this situation.

Can only be stiff.

But for Levi, the Dark god is not afraid, nor is the ancestor of Tiance Mansion.

The only thing that made him feel threatened was the Lab of the Gods.

They disappear mysteriously, there is absolutely a problem.

When they reappear, they are afraid that it will be a shocking moment in the world.

Only they can be Levi’s opponent.

“Hahaha… are you still talking about the Lab of the Gods? The Lab of the Gods is gone!”

“Levi, it is normal that you have been imprisoned for three years! We tell you that the Lab of the Gods has actually been destroyed! It was annihilated in one fell swoop!

“Yes, your wife is also involved in this matter! It was the Dark god who destroyed it!”

Everyone laughed when they heard Levi talk about the Lab of the Gods.

The dark god has obviously destroyed the gods’ laboratory.

The top forces such as Maya Industry and the Emperor Organization have also confirmed them, and are still participating in it.

As a result, now Levi pulled it out again.

Marshal smiled and said: “Three years ago, no one denied that it was the era of you and the Lab of the Gods! But your era is over! You can’t do it! The Lab of the Gods is over! Being relaxed! It’s gone!”

Levi smiled and said: “Actually, you are all deceived! This is the deception of the Dark god! Can it be destroyed by him? Impossible!

The Lab of the Gods actually still exists, they are only temporarily hidden, and a huge conspiracy is brewing! It is even said that they are controlling the earth-shattering changes in the world over the past three years!

You will understand when they come out again! “


Hearing Levi’s explanation, everyone laughed.

“Levi, are you an idiot? The destruction of the Lab of the Gods is something the whole world knows!

But you want to say that a laboratory of the gods still exists! The changes in the past three years are all controlled by them! Do they have that ability? “

“After all, he doesn’t understand the current era at all. He thought that three years ago, the Lab of the Gods could control everything! It seems that Levi has to be beaten by this world a lot!”

Everyone laughed instead of anger.

Looking at Levi like an idiot.

“I know you won’t believe it! But you remember, the Lab of the Gods will return sooner or later! Then you will understand that you are just a pawn!”

Levi smiled.

He now feels more and more that the changes in these three years have sprung up the strong.

This is definitely a problem!

He just glanced at it, and there are various power elements intertwined in each person’s body.

It’s all exactly the same.

Obviously there is a problem.

The first suspect is the laboratory of the gods.

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