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Chapter 2241

Salen and others stared at Levi: “Levi, you mean the punishment for Sarah will be put on you?”

“Yes! As long as I don’t let my wife die, I will accept any punishment!”

Levi nodded.


Alton and the others as well as the Evil Sword god all stood up.

Don’t agree to this!

They all want to k!ll with their own power.

Alton and the others add the sword evil god, they should unite inside and outside, and it is not a problem to make a way out.

At least temporarily let them escape.

But if they accept punishment, these people will not let Levi go.

Even the Cthulrun looked different.

But he reacted quickly.

He had already felt Levi’s whole person.

“Retreat! All listen to me!”

Levi shouted.

Alton and the others can only stand aside, but they are ready to take action at any time.

“Okay, did you hear that?”

“Levi said, as long as Sarah is spared, he is willing to accept all punishments!”

“What do you think?”

Salen shouted at hundreds of thousands.

At this moment, everyone felt that killing Sarah was not that important.

The anger in front was clearly raging, but now I feel that killing Sarah is meaningless…

This is the psychology of most people, just a momentary feeling.

It seemed to be between punishing Levi and killing Sarah, the latter had no meaning at all.

What does it matter whether it is k!lled or not?

But to punish and torture Levi, everyone felt full of interest.

The main killing of Sarah was incited by the dark god.

Many people say it bluntly that others are doing what they are doing, and what they say is what they are doing.

It’s just being used.

In fact, does he really want to k!ll Sarah?

Do not!

It has nothing to do with him!

So after Salen’s proposal came out, everyone was silent.

“Yes! But, there is a condition-in order to prevent Sarah from continuing to harm people, she must be abolished by force! Let her become an ordinary person!”

Someone put forward a condition.

“Well, this condition must be present!”

Salen and others said one after another.

Levi covered Sarah’s mouth and nodded: “Yes! As long as you don’t k!ll my wife!”

“Can you accept any punishment?”

Someone stared at Levi and asked.

“Accept! This is an explanation!”

Levi nodded.

“Think everyone! How to punish him?”

Salen shouted.

Everyone began to discuss.

The dark god who was watching the dynamic breathed a long sigh of relief.

“The test came out! This is definitely not the dark cage that Levi opened by himself! Otherwise, he will never compromise! I beg others to give a chance to let Sarah go!”

Said the dark god.

“Well, that’s right! According to Levi’s character, if he really had a terrorist force, he would have driven these people home long ago! He has no strength now, so he compromised!”

“Hahaha… scared me to death, I thought he really opened the dark cage!”

The others also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then someone else should help him open the dark prison… but as long as it’s not Levi!”

The Dark god sighed.

They analyzed everything.

But he didn’t analyze Levi’s behavior, he is a character who dares to behave.

Wrong is wrong.

Have to bear the consequences.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are.

What Sarah wanted to say, was covered by Levi’s mouth.

“Leave everything to me! Let them come!”

Everyone came up with one method after another, but they all felt that it was almost something.

Either the punishment wasn’t enough, or it would k!ll Levi directly.

They wanted Levi to live, and they had to torture and humiliate Levi.

At this moment, Salen smiled suddenly: “Everyone, I think of a way to punish! Absolutely!”

“Hall Garrison, what is it?”

Everyone looked over.

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