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Chapter 2249

As expected by Levi, the Dark god was about to come to him.

He doesn’t need to look for it, just wait for them to look for it.

In this way he can see the dark god and k!ll the dark god!

Advanced hunters often appear as prey!

The Dark god thought Levi was a prey, but he was actually a hunter.

god never thought of this dark.

Don’t look at everyone now, but everyone is paying attention to Levi’s situation.

Knowing that Levi would be fine for the time being, everyone sighed that Kunlun Industry’s pharmacy was powerful.

Such a serious injury actually stopped.

Kunlun Industry’s pharmaceuticals have once again become a hot topic all over the world.

Even Kunlun Industry did not expect their medicines to be so terrible.

Although the medicines Tylera brought are the best in Kunlun, they have countless experimental and clinical data.

It’s not so scary.

But they didn’t think much about it, they were still good at being a potion.

In the past two days, everyone knows that Levi is guarding people by their side.

It was not easy to start, so the revenge did not come.

But soon a group of uninvited guests arrived.

Eighteen dark angels and hundreds of other strong men from the Bible organization came together.

Seeing them, Sarah asked excitedly: “Does Master have any new orders?”

“No! We are here this time, not looking for you! We are looking for him!”

Underworld god and their eyes fell on Levi’s body one after another.

“Levi, come with us! You should guess the reason yourself!”

Underworld god smiled.

“The evil god Cthulrun doesn’t seem to be here, do you want to?”

Others looked around, but didn’t see Cthulrun.

“Forget it, just take Levi back! The others don’t matter!”

Underworld gods.

Levi nodded: “Well, I know.”

“Let’s take him away, are you okay?”

The evil god looked at Sarah again.

“No! Master is so good to me and won’t embarrass my husband! Levi, you can rest assured to follow! With me, Master will not hurt you!”

Sarah still trusts the Dark god.

Levi smiled: “Okay, I’ll go with them!”

“That’s right! He who knows the current affairs is a good man! Don’t do some indifferent resistance! In our eyes, you are weak and weak now!”

Underworld god laughed.

In his opinion.

Levi was stunned, knowing that he didn’t have the strength to deal with it, so he might as well compromise.

“Yeah, let’s not say that you were seriously injured! Even if you have nothing, it is of no use! Any of us, you are not an opponent! So you chose a smart way!

“Ha ha……”

Everyone laughed.

Levi is like a lamb to be slaughtered.

Let them bully and take away.

Underworld god sighed that things were wrong.

Three years ago, they were equivalent to asking Levi.

Had it not been for that time plum was in the hands of the dark god, he would not have gone anyway.

And with his fierce temper, he started fighting long ago.

I will never get used to them.

But now, Levi had to compromise with reality.

Knowing that it’s useless to resist, so if you don’t resist it at all, just let them take it away.

Three years is not long, but it is enough to turn an invincible dragon into a docile kitten.

All of them are laughing.

Just as they were about to leave, a rebuke came.

“Let people go! Otherwise you can’t live without here!”

Accompanied by the sound, the Evil Sword god and them appeared one by one.

Wesley’s division of labor is that the Evil Sword god is guarding Levi’s surroundings. After all, there are a lot of private revenge.

“It’s you…”

Underworld god saw a few deceased people, he smiled.

“Get out of here, I’m fine!”

At this time, Levi said.

He finally attracted the bait of the dark god, how could he let it go?

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