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Chapter 2250

In case the Sword Evil god was destroyed by them.

It’s hard to find god of Darkness anymore.

But in the hearts of the Evil Sword god, they looked at Levi a little distressed.

First, Levi compromised, the unruly king fell and bowed his head to reality.

Secondly, Levi was afraid of their injuries and asked them to leave.

Levi is now protecting them.

“No! We have to protect you! No one is allowed to take you away!”

But the Sword Evil god did not let them go.

“Yes! Resolutely can’t let it!”

The evil spirits were like a rainbow, staring at the eighteen dark angels.

The more Levi was like this, the less they couldn’t let them take it away.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

Levi was called helpless.

It’s so hard to be kidnapped quietly?

“Angel of death? Stop them!”

Underworld god gave an order.

Soon, black figures appeared in the sky, with black metal wings on their backs, majestic and mighty.

Hundreds of angels of death appeared, and together they k!lled the evil sword god.

The Angel of Death is a dead man of the Bible Organization.

This time I brought a hundred angels of death.

For a time, the Sword Evil god and the others were really entangled.

The Eighteenth Dark Angels took Levi and sneaked away from behind.

When the Evil Sword god and the others smashed a bloody path and chased up, there was still Levi’s figure.

Eighteen dark angels ran all the way with Levi, and quickly left from Velador.

Shortly after.

They brought Levi to the sea of ​​Western Continent.

An uninhabited island sits on the endless sea.

The home of the biblical organization is here.

Of course this is just one of them!

The sly old fox, the dark god, would not set up his nest in one place.

And in recent years, Sarah has used Sarah to fight in the South and North, and has laid down many territories.

Of course, the god of darkness is on this small island now.

Soon Levi was taken to the base.

There are several locations in a huge place.

A figure stood on top!


A voice came.

“Dark god, I wait to fulfill my mission! Bring Levi back!”

Underworld god and others shouted together.

“Very good, you all have merit! I will reward you!”

The dark god turned around slowly.

Wearing a half-god and half-devil mask, the momentum is powerful, covering the world.

This was the first time Levi saw the true face of the Dark god.

It turns out that this guy is also wearing a mask.

It seems that he dared not show his true colors.

That’s right.

In the biblical organization, including the eighteenth dark angels and other high-level people, have never seen the true face of the dark god.

Including the great disciples of the Dark god, they have never seen the true face of the Dark god.

But Sarah has only seen it once.

It is also the key reason why she believes in the god of Darkness…

After Levi looked around and observed, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Before coming, he was still worried whether this dark god would be too terrifying.

After all, the dark god once said that it can open the dark cage.

After Levi looked carefully, he found that the Dark god was much stronger than Salen, Tiance was less commanding, and the four great generals of Tiance Mansion were much stronger.

Completely above these people.

But it is far from enough to open the dark cage!

If the god of Darkness wants to open it, it might be necessary to use other tools or artifacts in their mouths.

Furthermore, the dark prison has its own mechanism outside.

But in terms of strength, Levi was confident that he could turn the Dark god into a scum.

It’s not a level at all.

How about first in the gods list

god list is an insult to Levi!

The gods above the nine heavens will not participate in the list of mortals!

At this time, the Dark god approached Levi step by step, and said coldly: “Tell me, who opened the dark cage?”

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