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Chapter 2264

Three years have passed.

Today’s Orion Group headquarters is built like the future world in a sci-fi movie.

“Levi is here to visit!”

A shout runs through the headquarters of Orion Group.

After hearing the sound, many people all came.

The old people of the past stood up one by one.

“Levi? What a rare visitor!”

“Hahaha, are you here to find Mebel?”

“It’s a man, kind and righteous! Come to save her?”

Everyone in the former Orion Group was afraid of Levi. If Levi came like this three years ago.

It is estimated that the senior management of Orion Group went into hiding in fright.

But now, they didn’t pay attention to Levi at all.

Three years have passed, they have become the world’s top power, only Levi stagnated.

“Well, smart! I’m here to take her away this time! People, hand it over!”

Levi said coldly.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Everyone in Orion Group laughed.

“Levi, you are so courageous, dare to come here? You have a door to heaven, you don’t leave, hell has no way, you go ahead!”

“Yes, the sheep is in the mouth of a tiger, this is not an obvious death!”

Everyone was happy.

Now that everyone knows Levi’s strength, coming to the Orion Group for trouble is tantamount to looking for death.

And there are many people in Orion Group who want to get Levi’s revenge.

Even if Levi’s strength is not strong, the former king is too famous.

If anyone kills him, his status and reputation must be improved.

“Since you delivered it yourself, k!ll you!”

Just as everyone was preparing to k!ll the killer, someone suggested: “Hold on!”

“It’s boring to k!ll directly! Shall we torture him?”

“How to torture?”

“It just happens that we have a group of teams going to experience it? Just threw him in!”

After this person finished speaking, everyone’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Everyone knew what it was referring to-the small town wrapped in a metal fortress.

That is in purgatory on earth!

“Do you want to see Lee Sung Min?”

Someone asked.

“Of course! Where is the person?”

Levi had faintly guessed their plan.

After all, the biblical organization is too widely distributed.

Many of the Orion Group are undercover biblical organizations, not to mention that there are several forces in the Star Country that are affiliated with biblical organizations.

I also heard a little about their experiments with Maya Industry.

“As long as you follow us obediently, I will take you to see Mebel!”

The man said.

Levi agreed: “Okay, I’ll go with you!”

Soon, they took Levi to the experimental base around the small town.

Here, Levi met Mebel.

She has not had time to inject the medicine.

“Since Levi is here, let him and Mebel throw it inside, right?”

“Didn’t Mebel like him? When Mebel saw him, he had to be separated from him again. This time, heaven and man are forever separated!”

The senior management of Orion Group also immediately changed the plan.

Mebel no longer injected medicine.

But to torture her and Levi.

Seeing Levi, Mebel was extremely excited. At this moment, she was afraid of death.

She doesn’t want to die, she wants to survive.

Therefore, Mebel hysterically begged Orion Group to let her and Levi go.

“It’s easy to let you live! Do you see the metal fortress in the distance?”

“As long as the two of you survive for three hours, you will be left alone!”

Mebel immediately agreed.

Someone else entered this time.

It is the experienced team of Orion Group.

The team is led by the strongman Logan Dazhong. Logan Dazhong is the record holder and stayed there for nine hours.

This time, he will challenge for ten hours.

It happened that Levi and the two entered the metal fortress with them…

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