The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2265

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Chapter 2265

Levi listened to their arrangement and did not speak.

Levi has received news from this small town where all experimental monsters are placed.

Get a rough idea of ​​the situation.

It is an experiment conducted secretly by Maya Industry, which was specifically conducted by Orion Group.

In fact, he can completely slap Orion Group now.

However, out of curiosity, he wanted to see what the monsters in the experiment looked like?

Maya Industry, what the hell are they going to do…

He was wondering maybe this has something to do with the Lab of the Gods?

Therefore, Levi was at their mercy.

Do not make any resistance.

Mebel didn’t know what was inside the metal fortress, she just felt the hope of life.

Go for it anyway.

Just now she heard others talk about Levi’s return, and she knew that his strength in this era was limited.

But she must seize this opportunity.

After all, Levi came to rescue her not far away.

Soon Mebel’s parents came secretly and stuffed her a few bottles of medicine.

Ask her to subdue secretly.

At that time, her physical condition will not only recover, but her strength will increase sharply, and even her previous superpowers will be restored.

The parents naturally don’t want their daughter to die.

There was no way before.

But now the senior management of Orion Group has spoken, and after three hours, he let Mebel go.

This was unimaginable before.

The senior management will not let it go.

Now that Levi is here, they only agreed to torturing Levi through Mebel.

Mebel’s parents will immediately make arrangements.

Not only that, in the experienced team, they secretly bought into the power of the gods Logan Dazhong and others.

When the time comes, Logan Dazhong and the others will help Mebel survive three hours easily.

Let Mebel survive.

The parents have told Mebel everything, let her be smarter in it and protect herself.

As for Levi’s life and death, it has nothing to do with them.

They even confessed to Logan Dazhong and others that they would throw Levi inside and they would just run out by themselves.

Before entering, a batch of laboratories, about hundreds of people, were injected with medicine.

Stay for a while and observe the condition of these experimental items.


Everyone can’t see the situation, but the screams can be heard clearly.

Levi and the others were standing in a base.

It’s mess everywhere.

In a huge iron cage not far away, a man with disheveled hair was locked in a frantic movement.

He was chained up and down all over his body, and his mouth was clamped by a special metal clip. He couldn’t speak, he could only make a whining sound.

Levi glanced over and felt familiar.

But I can’t recognize who it is.

It seems that the guy inside knows himself and only started rioting after seeing himself.

The guy in the iron cage rioted wildly, making a loud noise.

“Do you know who it is?”

Levi asked.

Mebel shook his head.

“I am a traitor to the Orion Group!”

Someone next to him said.

At the next moment, someone connected to the electric grid spread over the iron cage.


The current flickered and sparks appeared.

A terrible electric current hit the man, and soon he fainted after convulsing for a while.

Levi didn’t think too much.

He followed the crowd preparing to enter the small town of purgatory on earth.

After half an hour.

The batch of experimental products just now seems to have failed.

They were packed into containers one by one, ready to be transported to the small towns of Purgatory on Earth.

Levi also made a special observation.

But this group of people is no different from ordinary people, and there is nothing special.

“Set off!”

Eventually everyone came to the purgatory-like town on earth.

After Logan Dazhong, a master of the gods’ list, arrived, he was in fear, and his palms were sweaty.

The other strong men were shaking with fright…

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