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Chapter 2266

There are dozens of them who have been in this place before.

Especially Logan Dazhong, who is strong in the gods list, has entered this small town several times.

They know better than anyone how cruel it is.

It was the first time for the other one or two hundred people to enter. They were so scared when they saw Logan Dazhong, and they were all panicked.

The legs were trembling all the time, his face was pale, and the cold sweat continued.

As an absolute leader, Logan Dazhong taught everyone experience before entering.

“Remember! Once you can’t hold it! While running to the four doors, press the distress signal again! There is hope that you can escape!”

Logan Dazhong asked.

The rule experienced by the strong is that if you can’t hold it up, you can press the help button.

Orion Group will think of ways to save you.

For example, open the door, such as lead away the monster chasing you.

However, Orion Group cannot provide 100% guarantee.

There is not even a half probability.

That’s because Orion Group does not have absolute control over these monsters.

When letting experienced powerhouses escape, they can only provide some assistance.

Like opening the door…

And the door cannot be opened for a long time, after all, the monster inside cannot be allowed to come out!

That’s it.

So many experienced people died on the way out of the gate.

Although the door was opened, they couldn’t get rid of the monster, and finally they were torn apart.

After Logan Dazhong explained everything clearly, he led everyone in.

At the same time, the coma after the experiment was put in a container and thrown into the metal fortress one step in advance.

“Okay, enter! Let’s go!”


As the door was opened, Levi and the others were driven in.

Once entering the metal fortress, there is a feeling of isolation from the world.

It’s like entering another world.

There is no darkness in front of me, only a faint light.

Barely able to see everything in front of me.


Surprisingly quiet!

Everyone’s hearts are hanging in their throats, sweaty and tense, and trembling legs are normal.

The unknown is the most feared!

And everyone knows that this small town must have at least tens of thousands of experimental monsters…

More fear.

Many people regretted it after coming in.

“No, I’m going back! I’m afraid! I don’t want to die here!”

Someone said it.

Many people followed, because they wanted to leave because they were afraid.

Logan Dazhong glared at them: “Impossible! It is clearly stipulated! Once you enter, the door will open within an hour!”

This is to prevent such people from appearing and enforce the rules.

Otherwise, they just came in and ran away.

Experience a loneliness.

Hearing Logan Dazhong’s words, everyone paled.

“Then let’s wait here! Wait an hour before the door opens!”

Someone suggested.

Logan Dazhong sneered disdainfully: “The group of monsters have a particularly keen perception. It is estimated that they have discovered us a long time ago and are coming to us! At that time, none of them will survive!”

“The only way is for everyone to form a team and k!ll them after an hour!”

“And let me tell you another bad fact! In order to prevent the monsters from going out! So these four doors are either the one you want to open or the other!

The four gates of east, west, north and south will open in one position every hour, that is, the door with the least or no monsters!

When the time comes, people who can’t hold it press the help button, and they will get information-the door is open and the best path from your current location to the door, etc…


Everyone was frightened.

No wonder the standard of experience is based on time. It turns out that a door is opened randomly every hour.

This way the greater the probability of death.

Logan Dazhong’s words made this group of people feel ashamed, almost desperate.

But now I can only harden my head and form a team to follow Logan Dazhong.

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