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Chapter 2269

I have to say that Logan Dazhong has rich experience, every time he can avoid the monster group, or encounter very few monsters, everyone can handle it.

But others are not so lucky.

Even if there is a strong player in the ranks of the gods, they will always encounter monsters.

At the beginning, it may be dozens, then hundreds, or even thousands.

Those who are strong in the gods list have to avoid their edge and dare not make a head-on shake.

They also have to avoid as many monster groups as possible, and hide as much as possible.

However, other people are not so lucky, if they encounter a group of monsters, after being entangled, they can’t escape in time.

Then there is only death.

There will only be more and more mutants.

In the end there may be thousands…

Can’t resist it at all!

And the newcomers have also seen the terrible monsters.

Not to mention being wiped out, all kinds of attacks hit the monsters without any effect at all, let alone penetration.

Their bodies will generally skyrocket and become indestructible.

I don’t know what Maya Industry’s medicine is, but it has such a miraculous effect.

The monsters in almost the entire town were in action.

Experienced people fell one by one…

Time also passed by one minute and one second.

It’s an hour.

The west gate opens…

After the newcomers who came in got the news, they ran to the west gate.

But they were followed by a large number of monsters, chasing after them.

“These idiots! Bring too much! Closed!”

The Orion Group outside immediately closed the west gate.

In the end only two people escaped.

No one else escaped.

Most of the people ran away, and a few were surrounded by monsters.

Levi wanted to see what these mutants had been injected, but Logan Dazhong had too much experience.

Every time he could avoid the monster, Levi couldn’t observe it.

Can only continue to walk with them.

time flies.

The strong are all practicing.

More and more people fell.

Two hours.

Seven people escaped.

Others either didn’t go out and continued to practice, or they just couldn’t escape.

In the laboratory of Orion Group, they analyzed some data.

“After the variant of the experimental product that just went in the container, it is really powerful! It’s difficult even for the strong of the gods to parry!”

“Look at the stats! It is very difficult to deal with the four strong players! Except for Logan Dazhong, no one else can!”

“So the difficulty they face now is even higher! The current seven hours may be even more terrifying than the past eight hours!”

The experimental product is getting stronger and stronger.

Everyone is mixed.

The worry is that they can’t control these mutants yet.

“What the hell is this Maya industry going to do? If this continues, I am afraid that it will test out a group of undead strong people. Who can stop this?”

“Yes, shouldn’t the problem that should be solved now be how to control these mutants? We have been working on this project!

But Maya Industry doesn’t seem to have any thoughts in this regard! They are still increasing their potions, and the mutants they experimented with are getting stronger and more violent!

This is to create the most violent brain and the strongest physique! “

This group of testers began to speculate that Maya Industry’s test was not so simple.

“Do you think Maya Industry has long been in control of how to control these mutants? Just didn’t tell us?”

“Well, it’s possible!”

At this moment, the high level came, and everyone stopped talking.

And the time came to three hours in a blink of an eye.

That is the longest time that the senior management of Orion Group promised Mebel to hold on.

As long as she survives, let her go.

Mebel in the metal fortress was excited and frightened.

Three hours finally arrived.

What opened this time was the gate to the north.

Mebel drank the medicine given by his parents and eagerly rushed to the north gate.

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