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Chapter 2270

“Levi, three hours have arrived! As long as we rush out, we will be safe! They will let us go too!”

Mebel was extremely excited.

The parents’ arrangement was indeed correct.

As long as you follow Logan Dazhong, you can easily survive for three hours.

They weren’t experienced, and as soon as three hours arrived, they rushed to the north gate.

During this period, Mebel gave all the remaining medicine to Levi.

Let him take it in times of crisis, and he can become super powerful.

“Go! Follow me! Go to the north gate!”

Logan Dazhong led the way, and Mebel dragged Levi to follow.

About ten minutes later, everyone came to the north gate and opened a gap for only one person to pass through.

“We will withdraw first!”

Seven or eight people rushed out immediately.

Three hours is enough for them.

Of course it’s also stained.

If it weren’t for Logan Dazhong, they would have died early.

“You leave too!”

Logan Dazhong said to Mebel.


Mebel ran out excitedly.


She received a huge force behind her, pushing her to a place a few hundred meters away, directly out of the gate.

“The door is closed!!!”

After Mebel went out, the gate closed quickly.

“You can’t go out!”

Logan Dazhong stood in front of Levi, blocking the way he left.

Mebel, who was already outside the gate, was dumbfounded when she saw this scene.

Levi hasn’t come out yet?

“You…what are you doing?”

She exclaimed again and again.

Logan Dazhong said without looking back: “I promised your parents, only to send you out safely! My task is completed! But he is not included in my task!”

Mebel wanted to rush in again, but the door was closed.

And there are more and more mutants coming around.

It is absolutely impossible to open the door again.

She could only watch Levi disappear before her eyes.

After Mebel went out, her parents rushed over immediately.

“Fortunately, Levi appeared and saved you, otherwise you will become a monster too!”

The parents are very excited.

“You can trade his life for mine, can I survive?”

Mebel was about to cry.

“Anyway, Levi will definitely die, isn’t it the same if you die sooner or later?”

Everyone dismissed it.

The executives of Orion Group were all excited collectively.

“Levi, we finally waited for this opportunity! Think about how miserable it was for you to crush those years!”

“It’s in our hands now, right? Let me see how you can escape!”

“How is it possible to escape from birth? It depends on how long he can hold it?”

“Ha ha ha ha……”

For them, it was so cool.

Torturing the king who had pressed them in the past is really the happiest time in life.

At the north gate of the metal fortress, Logan Dazhong stared at Levi and the others.

“From now on, I will act alone! No one will follow me! Whoever follows me, I k!ll who!”

Logan Dazhong stared at Levi: “Especially you! Never follow me!”

Logan Dazhong is about to really start to experience.

So definitely not let people follow.

He flew away from the other direction immediately.

Levi and twenty or thirty people remained.


There were waves of shaking and shaking.

The hordes of mutants are coming.

There are thousands of them, and they are densely packed in all directions.

This frightened everyone.

“Run! Run quickly!”

But before leaving, they pushed Levi forward.

“Let him block us! Let’s run first!”

Levi was pushed to the forefront.

All this group of people ran away.

Let Levi block them for a while.

Thousands of mutants rushed in front of Levi like crazy.

But Levi looked at them with a smile on his lips.

Mebel’s burden is finally gone.

He wants to see what these monsters are like…

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