The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2273

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Chapter 2273


Levi suddenly made a move and grabbed a mutant monster in front of him.


With a punch, the mutant monster directly exploded, splashing blood.

What can’t be k!lled?

Why are their bodies indestructible and impenetrable?

With Levi’s punch, it still smashed into slag?

If Logan Dazhong saw such a strong man in the list, he would have to kneel on the spot.

They have been here several times.

The most they can do is to lightly injure these mutant monsters. Most of the time, they can’t hurt their bodies at all, at most they can fly…

But now these mutant monsters have no limits, and they are fully exerting themselves.

Instead, he was smashed by Levi’s punch.

This this this…


Levi tore another abruptly.

Seeing the companion being torn in half, the eyes of these mutant monsters changed.

It is probably shocked!

Because it has never happened before!

But these mutant monsters were all excited when they saw Rufus, and they all rushed forward one by one.

“bring it on!”

Levi was also excited.

He has also thoroughly studied these mutant monsters. It is probably Maya Industry who wants to create new races!

The most violent brain!

The strongest physique!

Invincible combat power!

Not to mention that all these things have gone out, it is definitely a disaster to go out for one or two thousand!

The star country has to fall in half!

If all were released, the star kingdom would have to be destroyed.

It is estimated that the Orion Group and the Star Country’s god list powerhouses are powerless and unable to solve them at all.

Maya Industry Research has ulterior motives!

It is still absolutely confidential!

But for Shang Levi, these mutant monsters are no different from ordinary people.

No one can stand Levi’s punches and kicks.

Not enough to see in front of Levi!

Basically k!ll as many as you come!

Thousands of mutant monsters pounced on Levi again and again, and they were completely violent and completely crazy.

To tear up Levi in front of him, tear his flesh into powder, and break his bones one by one…

But on the contrary, Levi smashed them with a punch.

Flesh and bones are all broken into dregs!

one hundred!

two hundred!

one thousand!

two thousand!

The mutant monster is disappearing at a terrifying speed…

Five thousand!

In the blink of an eye, the mutant monster has been beaten in half…

The data is still increasing…


With Levi’s punch, a mutant monster blasted its head.

All mutant monsters have fallen…

Either they were all beaten to death, or the stumps and arms were everywhere…

Thousands of variant monsters were all k!lled by Levi without exception.

No one is left.

However, half an hour has just passed!

This is still the case when Levi wants to play, otherwise I am afraid it will be solved faster!

Levi sat on the ground, bored to study the blood of these mutant monsters and so on.

He wanted to know what the medicine of Maya Industry was…

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Four hours have passed since all devices were shut down.

The people outside were really excited and excited.

“You said Levi was about to die?”

Someone asked.

“Absolutely dead! He can face tens of thousands of mutant monsters! He is also 100% mutant monster! Who can stop this?”

“Yeah! And this is not something you can just hide! These mutant monsters are not unconscious bloodthirsty monsters! They are smart! You can find them wherever you hide!”

“Do we need to restore the device now and open the door to take a look?”

“No need! Just turn it off for one day and one night! We want Levi to die!”

“Okay! We will collect Levi’s corpse tomorrow!”

Everyone laughed.

They were already looking forward to sending out the news of Levi’s corpse fragmentation.

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