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Chapter 2272

“It shouldn’t be. It takes only half an hour for a tube of potion. He has been four hours. How can a total of five tubes of potion last?”

“Probably not! Levi is extremely cunning! He may have some tactics, such as hiding behind the strongest man!”

“Why don’t it be like this! Let Logan Dazhong and other strong people leave! We will directly close all the doors and not open anymore!!!”

Someone suggested.

As soon as this suggestion came out, everyone’s eyes lit up fiercely.

“Yes! This is a good way! Keep Levi alone in the metal fortress and keep him for a day and night! I don’t believe he can survive?”

“Okay, just do it!”

As soon as the plan came out, everyone took action.

The six Logan Dazhong received the notice, came to the east gate that they opened privately, and all left.


Finally the gate closed.



All facilities of the Metal Fortress were closed.

Because various devices are turned on, they actually have a certain inhibitory effect on these mutant monsters.

What’s more, the top experts of Orion Group have placed various experimental equipment around the metal fortress, specifically for experimenting how to control this group of mutant monsters.

But how to control it, there is no effect at all.

But the inhibitory effect is always there.

More or less have the effect of suppressing this group of mutant monsters.

Data shows that when all the experimental devices are turned on, the strength of this mutant monster can only be used by 70% to 80%.

Not their complete strength!

The experimental theories created by Maya Industry itself are the most violent brain and the most violent physique.

Now they are more or less restricted, so that their strength is greatly reduced.

Now that the equipment settings are all closed, the mutant monsters are not restrained at all.

They can play 100% strength!

The all-out mutant monster is super scary!

“my god!!!”

Logan Dazhong was shocked when he saw it.

Never felt the strength of a 100% mutant monster…

Now that all the monsters are 100%, he is also afraid.

“Maybe if I go in now, I won’t be able to hold on for five hours! Even my life is in danger!”

Logan Dazhong sighed.

“Well, we estimate it for three or four hours! It’s really life-threatening! The strength of the mutant monster with full force is far from what we can match! k!ll and k!ll! It can’t even hurt…how to fight…”

“This time Levi is miserable! There are tens of thousands of mutant monsters with 100% strength! He has potions and it is useless! Not to mention they are gone!”

“Yeah! Don’t open the door! Close him for twenty-four hours!”

“Frankly speaking, the top ten on the list won’t work, right?”

“Well, we close everything anyway! We can wait until tomorrow to open it for Levi’s body collection!”

Of course, after all the devices are closed, they can’t know what’s going on inside.

But everyone didn’t want to look at it. There was already a picture in his mind, knowing that Levi was being abused.

When Mebel learned about this, he was directly frightened.

Orion Group is too cruel, right?

In order to torture Levi, he actually used this method.

The metal fortress is closed for twenty-four hours.

No one can survive twelve hours!

What’s more, they are all monsters with full force now!

The time is greatly reduced, and I have never lasted five hours.

This is to make Levi die without a corpse!

Mebel fainted directly.

Inside the metal fortress.

Levi also noticed that these mutant monsters became more irritable.

Obviously someone out there used a method.

But to him, it doesn’t matter.

He smiled at the dense monsters in front of him.

Now these irritable mutant monsters basically all gathered around him.

“Who said they can’t k!ll it?”

Levi sneered.

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